Ode to Printers: A Viral-Video Salute to Our 'Fave' Machine

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Office Space: Reality Edition

Printers are a necessary evil: You need them to get your job done, but they can also drive you insane with paper jams, toner outages and leaks, network problems, cryptic error messages, and maintenance-kit replacements. Every now and then, you just can't take it anymore, and you need to vent about these machines. But when those times come, try to let off the steam in a calm, collected manner like this guy.

Cats and Printers

What is it about cats and printers, anyway? You can find tons of videos on YouTube showing cats attacking printers, including this one, this one, this one, and, well, you get the idea.

The thing is, it can be really annoying at times. While you're trying to get your work done, your feline companion decides it's time to pounce on all of those poor pieces of paper coming out of your machine. Maybe the cat just wants to play--or maybe, just like you, it can't stand these infernal devices either.

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