Memeo Connect Reader Syncs Google Docs on iPad

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In a matter of days hundreds of thousands of users will have the Apple iPad in their hands. For the iPad masses who also use Google Docs, Memeo is introducing the Memeo Connect Reader app that will let you combine the two and use Google Docs on the iPad even when its offline.

Memeo is a respected Google partner with an established reputation for adding value to Google Docs. In January, Memeo launched Memeo Connect for Google Apps, which enables Google Apps Premier customers to access, migrate, and synchronize files between their desktop and Google Docs. It also provides customers a tool for bridging Microsoft Office files to Google Apps.

Despite its obvious value as a consumer gadget, surveys show a majority of users intend to put the iPad to use as a mobile productivity platform for work. The Memeo Connect Reader app for the iPad once again proves the value of Memeo as a partner that is able to deliver Google Docs functionality on a diverse range of platforms. The ability to integrate with Google Docs and view a variety of file formats natively--including Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks, PDF files, and even images, and movie file formats--will be invaluable for business professionals on the go.

iPad users can simply download the Memeo Connect Reader app, log in using their Google Docs account information, and start working. Memeo Connect Reader automatically syncs with Google Docs--ensuring that changes made from the desktop, or updates from coworkers are updated on the iPad as well. Memeo Connect Reader stores the synced files locally so that they can be accessed and worked on even when the iPad is not connected to the Web.

Google has a very diverse set of products and services, but even Google can't do it all. Google has recognized that allying with third-party providers gives it a way to extend the scope and value of its products--particularly in areas where Google needs to integrate with rivals like Apple and Microsoft.

According to Spencer Chen, director of strategy and business development for Memeo, "third-party app developers are playing a crucial and prominent role in bringing truly innovative apps to these platforms owned Apple, Google, et al due to the competitive nature of the relationships."

Apple and Google used to have a very strong alliance. However, as Google has extended its empire beyond search engines and online advertising--competing with Apple in areas like browsers, smartphones, and operating systems--the partnership grew more contentious and the two have developed a fairly intense rivalry.

Covert coffee shop liaisons aside, Apple and Google do not play well together these days. If Google were to develop a Google Docs app for the iPad, Apple might simply reject it on principle. Or--even worse than rejecting the app--it could simply tie it up indefinitely as "under review" as it has with the Google Voice app for the iPhone.

The Memeo Connect Reader app for the iPad will be available on April 3rd, the official launch date of the iPad. You can learn more and see the app in action on this YouTube video from Memeo.

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