JooJoo Tablet PC Is Doomed

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Ah, the poor, doomed Joojoo.

When last we checked in with this new internet tablet, Fusion Garage told us it would start shipping on March 25th, and apparently they did make that deadline, according to a press release that Engadget got wind of. Further, the press release says Joojoos should be in customers hands by March 29th.

Except the 29th has come and gone and no one has received their Joojoo.

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Today Gizmodo broke some more bad news: according to some legal documents related to the lawsuit between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage, as of February 22nd there were only 90 pre-orders for the Joojoo, and 15 of those preorders had been canceled. Granted that figure is over a month old, but it still doesn't inspire confidence in the company's future.

When Engadget posted about the situation Fusion Garage contacted them in an attempt to clarify some details. The first shipment of Joojoos got caught up in customs and should still arrive by the end of the week, they said, and included a DHL screenshot showing the shipment as having cleared customs on Tuesday at 1:16. As to the 90 pre-orders, they tried to spin that saying the numbers were inaccurate because they'd terminated their relationship with Paypal, but as Engadget points out, Paypal is the only payment option offered on the Joojoo site.

And let's not gloss over the fact that this is the first hard evidence we've had that the TechCrunch lawsuit is still ongoing. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the company.

After all the delays and all the controversy surrounding the Joojoo, having it arrive on April 2nd (when the iPad arrives on April 3rd) just seems like the perfect end to this story. I can't wait for the first article comparing the two point by point.

So at this point, potential tablet customers have three choices:

  • Pay $500 via Paypal for an internet tablet with a 12.1", 1266x768, built by an unknown company who seems to be running into any number of stumbling blocks on the way to launch.
  • Pay $500 for an Apple iPad with its 9.7", 1024x768 resolution screen and the enthusiastic support of half the known universe.
  • Wait for the Windows-based HP Slate, or one of the various Android on Tegra tablets that are headed our way, specs not yet determined but capable of 1080p video.

Even if the Joojoo reviews really well, I just don't see a significant number of people choosing the first option, do you? Is there hope for the Joojoo, or am I right in referring to is as doomed? Comments welcome!

Pete Smith, a self-described technophile, writes about technology that makes your work easier and life more fun.

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