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Spark Your Creativity

Brainstorming can be tough. Bubbl.us takes the hassle out of getting your ideas down with free mind-mapping tools that are dead simple to use. You can map out your thoughts with colorful drag-and-drop diagrams, and then share them with friends and colleagues, print them out, or embed them on your site.

Find the Right Zip Code

You know what city you're sending something to, but you don't have the zip? The U.S. Postal Service's Zip Code Lookup is a must-use utility for getting packages to their destination.

Run Remote PCs

Want to drive your home or office PC from any Internet-connected computer you happen upon, or even from an iPhone? LogMeIn remains king for free remote access.

An Endless Stream of Online News

Topicfire displays just the news stories that fit your chosen categories of interest.
Tired of static online-news aggregators that force you into rigid content categories? Topicfire lets you choose categories of interest and then fills the page with fresh content constantly, so you always see the latest news that matters to you.

Password Manager

If you're using the same password for every online account, you're just asking for trouble. The Passpack online password manager takes your brain out of the equation, generating secure passwords for you and storing them in the cloud. When you get to a new computer, just head to Passpack.com, drag the login button to your browser, and enter your password. Afterward, all of your online accounts will magically open for you as you surf.

Surf Anonymously

When you want to access content that's blocked for your region, a proxy server comes in handy. Proxify allows you to select a custom level of security and removes ads and cookies from sites you visit, letting you see what you want to see, without being seen.

Clock Your Connection

Speedtest.net assesses your connection's download and upload speeds.
Are you certain you're getting the Internet speeds you're paying for? Find out with the bandwidth test at Speedtest.net. Just click 'Begin Test', and the performance calculator will evaluate your upload and download speeds to see exactly how your Internet performance measures up.

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