13 Terrific Sites for Managing Media and Sharing Files

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Stream Your Life

Livecage offers a way to stream and share audio or video, as well as to host videoconferences.
Podcasters, vodcasters, and other exhibitionists can jump on the live-streaming bandwagon for free with Livecage. This service lets you stream video or audio either publicly or privately, and gives you the embed code you need to add your stream to your own Website, as well as the option of tacking on a PayPal button to raise funds.

Groups and companies can also use Livecage for free videoconferencing; it supports up to ten users at a time.

Stream From Anywhere

If you really want to share your life with the world, you want to do it wherever you are. Qik gives you the tools to stream live video straight from your Android handset, iPhone, BlackBerry, or nearly any other smartphone. Your friends and fans can watch your broadcasts live on your own site or on Qik.com, or they can come back later to watch the recording.

A Single Spot for Your Important Stuff

Dropbox, which supplies 2GB of space, can sync the files you store there with all your PCs.
With Dropbox you get 2GB of free online storage and a utility that syncs that space with a folder on all your desktop PCs, as well as on your phone. Drop a file in from one machine, and it will update on all the others.

Anonymous Sharing

When you need to share a large file, or a collection of files, with someone, you could always use the tried-and-true YouSendIt service. But we prefer Drop.io for its ability to create anonymous drop boxes of up to 100MB for free, complete with user-defined expiration dates and password protection.

A Really Big Drive

Humyo offers 10GB of free online storage. Sweet.

Simple Sync and Remote Access

Live Mesh, part of Microsoft's online-app selection, supports both file sharing and remote PC access.
If you spend your days shuttling from one computer to another, Microsoft's Live Mesh is about the easiest way to keep your important files in sync. Offering 5GB of free storage, Live Mesh lets you create synced folders that you can access from any connected PC or via a Web interface. You can also share those folders with friends.

What separates Live Mesh from simpler services like Dropbox is its ability to remotely access your other PCs via Microsoft's Remote Desktop service, as if you were sitting in front of them. Install Live Mesh on each PC you'd like to access, and then leave the systems on to keep them available. When the computers are turned off, their synced files and folders remain available through the Web-based Live Desktop.

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