IPhone 4.0, Security News Dominate

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Apple takes top billing yet again this week with its sneak peek at the iPhone 4.0 operating system. (Honestly, we'd ignore the hoopla if we thought we could get away with it.) Otherwise, we point our readers to a package of stories about cyberwar and a load of other security-related news.

1. All about iPhone 4.0, What iPhone OS 4 means for you, Apple iPhone 4.0 vs. the competition: How does it compare? and Apple stages corporate mobile takeover with iPhone OS 4.0: Click away for everything you could possibly want to know about the iPhone 4.0 operating system.

2. After Google-China dustup, cyberwar emerges as a threat, In cyberwar, who's in charge?, Schmidt: Private sector key to stopping Google-style attacks and Think tank in Estonia ponders war in cyberspace: This is a really fine package of stories about a topic of vital importance. Click on the related headlines listed at the Computerworld and Network World links for the full coverage, which is all the more timely, as our third entry this week shows.

3. Researchers track cyber-espionage ring to China: Yet again a huge cyber-espionage ring has been traced to China.

4. Court rules against FCC's Comcast net neutrality decision: A U.S. federal judge delivered a smackdown to the Federal Communications Commission this week, ruling that the agency had no authority to tell Comcast to stop throttling peer-to-peer traffic.

5. A Chinese ISP momentarily hijacks the Internet: We thought the Internet seemed a little squirrely Thursday morning -- now we know why.

6. Black Hat to address emerging Web threats: We'll undoubtedly have an entry next week for news out of the Black Hat security conference, but here's a preview.

7. German group calls for Facebook boycott, Facebook ignores pedophile reports, says police, Teen sues mom for hacking Facebook account and Ikea gift card scam takes in nearly 40,000 Facebook users: This week's roundup of news regarding Facebook is offered without additional comment.

8. Digital Economy Bill becomes law: The controversial Digital Economy legislation became U.K. law, despite protests against it over a clause that lets courts order ISPs (Internet service providers) to block Web sites that include content that infringes copyrights. That provision and others will be up for further debate after Parliament resumes following the May 6 general election.

9. Frustrations with cloud computing mount: We could see this one coming.

10. Apple slams the door on Adobe's Packager for iPhone: We'll wrap up this week's roundup where we started, with the iPhone 4.0 OS, but with a little different twist.

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