Play iBall! 10 Awesome iPhone and iPad Baseball Apps

Now that baseball season has started, iPhone users have a wealth of statistics at their fingertips.

Put me in, coach -- I have an iPhone

The 2010 Major League Baseball season has started, with Boston at Fenway Park opening against the New York Yankees (this Bostonian still can't say "World Champion New York Yankees"). If you're a baseball fanatic, spectator, coach or player, there's a ton of cool iPhone and iPad apps that can enhance your love of the game even more. Here's a list of my favorites.

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iScore Baseball Scorekeeper ($9.99)

Seems a bit pricey at first, but the amount of statistics it offers for scoring a baseball or softball game can be tremendous for stats junkies. iScore Baseball Scorekeeper lets coaches and parents keep a detailed record of the game, including scoring, tracking and reviewing games. Rosters can be created and re-used, and a pitch tracker can chart each pitch location, type and speed. A built-in TwitterCast can give updates through Twitter on the progress of the game.

GameChanger (Free)

This free app lets coaches and fans create a team, schedule, roster and lineup with quick edits and substitutions. During the game, a scorekeeper can record the action with the iPhone, tapping menus for balls, strikes and hits, and dragging/dropping defensive players and baserunners. Scores and stats can be uploaded to the GameChanger Web site for viewing a live stream, or for review later. At Bat 2010 ($14.99 for iPhone and iPad)

From, at Bat 2010 offers a Live Game simulation that provides pitch location and speed, real-time updates, box scores and play-by-play, with the ability to listen to live audio broadcasts. MLB.TV subscribers can watch full regular season live games (outside of blackout restrictions), with the capability to pause and rewind.

ScoreCenter XL ($4.99)

ESPN's iPad-optimized version of its ScoreCenter iPhone app, with premium features such as video highlights, live play-by-play, full box scores and summaries, and game previews and recaps. In addition to MLB, it includes all major sports plus others like cricket and rugby.

Baseball Speed (99 cents)

No, the iPhone doesn't come with a radar gun, but if you want an estimation about how fast a pitch is being thrown, this app can help. If you know the distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate, you can estimate the speed based on the time the ball leaves the pitcher's hand and when it hits the glove. Just press the button to start and stop, and the app gives an estimation of the ball's speed. The app also includes a pitch count tracker, so you know when it's time for your starter to hit the showers.

Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet 10 (99 cents)

The stats-obsessed fantasy baseball fan can utilize their iPhone to get a pre-ranked cheat sheet with 400 players from "top fantasy baseball resources." You can re-order player rankings to fit personal preferences, and it includes projected 2010 stats as well as 2009 regular season stats. After the draft, you can keep track of your team with the My Team view, and track drafted players to know who's available before your next pick.

FanGraphs Baseball ($2.99)

Another app for stats-obsessed baseball fans, this app provides live game data for the 2010 baseball season, including live win probability graphs, box scores, and play-by-play summaries. FanGraphs Baseball now includes the Bill James Handbook 2010 projections, listed under each player's stats. You can also analyze any major league player in baseball history, in case you want to call into a sports talk radio station to compare Babe Ruth vs. Pedro Martinez.

ChalkTalk ($9.99)

Turns the iPad into a coach's tablet for designing plays. Use the finger to draw the play directly on the iPad. In addition to baseball, includes diagrams for soccer, basketball, football (American), ice hockey, and volleyball. A more basic coach clipboard is offered through the Game Plan app (99 cents).

Baseball Rule books + Softball (Free)

Need to brush up on the infield fly rule? This app is for you. The app includes rule books for Major League Baseball, NCAA Baseball and Softball, as well as umpire signals and what they mean. You may want to give the umpire a different signal, but we'll leave that up to you.

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