Twitter's Ad Scheme, Kin Phone, ACTA Unveiled

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Twitter's first developer conference, Chirp, drew a lot of interest this week, in large measure because the company at last started to talk about how it intends to make money and it revealed how many millions of "tweeters" (or should that be "twits"?) there are in the world. In other news, Microsoft unveiled its smartphone aimed at those who are into social networking, and more details about a secret international copyright treaty were revealed.

1. Biz Stone says Twitter has 105 million users, Twitter gives the lowdown on its new business model and Twitter to start pushing advertising to users: Twitter finally provided both user figures (105 million and counting!) and business model plans, including how it intends to make money. Through pushing ads to users. Of course.

2. Update: Microsoft unveils 'Kin' phones for the socially connected: Because there are not enough smartphones to choose from just yet, Microsoft unveiled its version for those who are into social networking. They're calling it "Kin," which makes us wonder, given the family connotation, if it will be dysfunctional. (Sorry, Mom!)

3. ACTA copyright treaty documents to be made public: A draft of the top-secret international copyright treaty is going to be released next week. Some of the draft text has been leaked and the content has fueled outrage, particularly over how the agreement would deal with online copyright infringement. Undoubtedly, we'll have more to be vexed about once the full draft is released.

4. SEC investigating HP over alleged Russian bribery: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating allegations that Hewlett-Packard bribed Russian officials to win a computer contract. The alleged bribery happened in 2003 when Carly Fiorina was HP CEO. She's running for a U.S. Senate seat in California these days.

5. Local iPad launch delayed, How to import an iPad from the USA to the UK and Israel cites Wi-Fi issue in iPad ban: Apple fans outside of the U.S. are going to have to wait longer than first planned to get their hands on iPads since the company announced launch delays. But our friends at Macworld in the U.K. have some ideas for how to circumvent the delay.

6. Power efficiency still lags, says HP researcher, Data centers push back on U.S. energy efficiency requirement and Beware worthless claims in green clothing: Energy efficiency was a hot (so to speak) topic this week. And not all "green" claims are really all that.

7. Google to index your embarrassing Twitter trail and Twitter tweets to enter Library of Congress: A couple of more good reasons to watch what you say on Twitter.

8. Facebook beefs up site against hackers: Finally!

9. Researcher shows new clickjacking methods and Researchers find bugs in archive file formats: Security researchers shared some of their latest finds in talks and demonstrations at the annual Black Hat Conference in Barcelona.

10. Review: Baseball scorekeeping apps for iPhone: For the scorekeepers among us (some of whom might have noticed we hadn't yet made mention of the start of Major League Baseball season).

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