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What's hot this week? How do iPad music apps, a new Flip minicam, a novel way of filming a TV series, and a hybrid amplifier PC sound? Intrigued? Read on.

iPad Music Production Apps: Music Meets Multitouch

Resident music nerd David Saetang doesn't yet own an iPad, but he did some research into the state of iPad music production apps. What cool stuff did he dig up? Has he changed his tune on the iPad? See his story to find out.

Season Finale Of 'House' Filmed With Canon DSLR

Once upon a time, the tools required to produce a television series were unattainable for mere mortals, even professionals. Fast forward to today: The production crew of House used a Canon DSLR camera to film this season's final episode. How'd they do it? Read on...

Flip Slide HD Gets Touchscreen, More Storage

Quick! What do you get when you cross a Flip Mino camcorder with a Nintendo DS? You get something like the Flip Slide HD. This funky new mini-camcorder can record up to four hours and features a 3-inch touchscreen. Want more details? Get the skinny...

Amplifier-PC Hybrid Looks Perfect for Geeks Ready to Rock

One music gear company had a novel idea: Take an ordinary PC, integrate an 8-inch speaker, a 1/4-inch audio jack, and load it up with software. What do you get? It may be the ultimate system for geeks who want to rock out. Rock on and read on!

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