Facebook: 5 Privacy Settings You Must Tweak Now

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4. Facebook Privacy Settings: Search Results

What it is: Do you know how searchable you are, both within the Facebook community and on the Web? This privacy setting is defaulted to create a public search listing so others can see a preview of your Facebook profile on search engines, such as Google. That means that when someone searches for your name, they'll see your Facebook profile picture, as well as any other information you've made public, such as your networks, friends, groups, and more. This privacy setting also determines how searchable you are on Facebook.

How to change this privacy setting: Go to your "Privacy Settings" page and choose "Search." There are two privacy settings you can change: your "Facebook Search Results," which determines who can see your search result on Facebook (you can set this one to everyone, friends and networks, friends of friends and only friends); and "Public Search Results," which you can allow or disallow.

5. Facebook Privacy Settings: Photo Albums

What it is: You may have set photos of you to be private, but what about your photo albums? Many people forget that the albums entitled "Profile Pictures," "Mobile Uploads" and "Wall Photos" are usually visible by everyone, unless you edit the privacy settings.

How to change this privacy setting: Go to your "Privacy Settings" page and choose "Profile Information." Scroll about halfway down, and you'll see the "Photo Albums" option. Click "Edit Settings." Here you'll see every one of your photo albums, and each of their assigned privacy settings.

Remember, you can choose the "Custom" option if there's a person or group of people you want exempt from viewing your album. And, if you're ever concerned that you've chosen the wrong privacy setting, you can view how your profile is seen by individual people. To do this, visit your "Profile Information" page of your privacy settings. At the top right corner is the option to "Preview My Profile." Enter in someone's name, and you'll see which parts of your profile are visible to him, and which ones are not.

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