MonitOff Aims to Save Monitor Use, But Misses Its Mark

Turning off your monitor or laptop screen from within Windows isn't easy. MonitOff ($17, 30-day free trial) is an attempt at a simple solution: a tray icon that powers down your monitor when clicked. Unfortunately, it's so buggy that it's almost unusable.

MonitOff screenshot
Click either "Switch Off" or the tray icon, and MonitOff will power down your screen.

On my Vista system, MonitOff does not save any changes I make to the preferences. This is especially problematic because I can't disable the "Hold" setting, which is also broken--it freezes my cursor for three long seconds every time I wake up my computer's screen after using MonitOff. It also makes it impossible to enable keyboard support, which would be a very nice feature.

To be fair, the main function of turning off the screen does work. But even if Monitoff did work perfectly, the price tag of $16.99 would still be outrageous for such a simple program. Look to the freeware MonitorES instead. It does everything that MonitOff promises and more.

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