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Keep Flickr Updated With Foldr Monitr

Keeping up with your Flickr uploads can be a pain, especially if your home Internet connection doesn't have the bandwidth to handle a bunch of big JPEG files. You can fix this with Foldr Monitr, a neat little app that can watch a directory for images and automatically upload them to your Flickr account.

Foldr Monitr adds your stuff to Flickr.
Just download Foldr Monitr, run the Setup.exe app to configure it (you'll need to enter your Flickr account information and authenticate it on the Flickr Web site).

Click the Browse button to specify a folder to watch, and check the "Include Subfolders" box if you want it to search all the sub-folders as well. You can set Flickr Monitr to upload your photos to sets according to subfolder name, too--you can do this in the Options menu.

Configure Foldr Monitr's options.
Once everything is configured, Foldr Monitr can just hang out in your System Tray and upload images in the background. If you want it to stick to times when you're not at home (so it won't stop you from using your Internet connection), just set up a task in the Task Scheduler, as we did for video conversion in the video section, that runs at night or during work hours.

Process multiple images in Photoshop Elements.
You can also incorporate Foldr Monitr into other workflows using your images. If you use Photoshop Elements, you can batch-process a folder full of images by selecting Process Multiple Files from the File menu.

Just define what you want Photoshop to do (apply the Auto Levels and Auto Contrast filters, then resize to 606 pixels wide, and convert to a high-quality JPEG, say) and use the folder that Foldr Monitr is watching as the Destination folder. Once your images are cleaned up, they'll be automatically uploaded onto Flickr.

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