Android's Destiny: the iPad's Path?

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It's conventional wisdom that Google's Android mobile OS is the smartphone-and-tablet platform that has the greatest chance of catching fire as the iPhone did. And there's evidence that Android is in f

act catching fire as multiple Android devices gain traction among users.

For example, although Apple continues to dominate the worldwide and U.S. mobile handset markets with its iPhone and iPod Touch devices, makers of Android phones are gaining ground, according to the latest research out of AdMob, a mobile advertising network in the process of being acquired by Google. AdMob bases its stats on requests for access to the 18,000-plus Websites and applications in its network.

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Android's swarm of devices power increased adoption

HTC's Dream and Magic smartphones accounted for almost all traffic from Android devices seven months ago, but now 11 different devices share in most of that traffic. Google said in March that there were 34 Android devices on the market from 12 manufacturers, says AdMob.

AdMob's traffic survey finds that HTC isn't hurting overall, with its phones generating 43 percent of traffic, second only to Motorola's 44 percent share in March, fueled largely by use of the Droid and Cliq phones. And HTC isn't sitting still, recently announcing with Sprint the EVO 4G Android smartphone, due for release this summer.

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Android traffic has exploded over the past year, according to AdMob, with a 32 percent compound monthly growth rate.

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