Geeky Weddings, Birthdays, and Funerals

If you've ever dreamed of marrying a video-game character, having your ashes put in a computer, or holding your wedding on the deck of Star Trek's USS Enterprise, you're not alone. Geeks before you have had the same ideas--and some have even implemented them.

Geek Heaven

Weddings, birthdays, and funerals are big events for everyone--even geeks. And there's no reason why your entire wedding party shouldn't know how much you love Star Wars or Super Mario.

Take a look at some of the geekiest weddings, birthday parties, and yes, even funerals, that have taken place over the years.

SPARCstation Urn

When some geeks die, their greatest wish might be to be cryogenically frozen and brought back to life when Apple no longer rules the world. We can't do that yet--but you could spend eternity in the bowels of a computer. This old SPARCstation was repurposed as an urn for one William Watson's ashes--complete with a nice plaque that features the deceased's last words: "Beam me up Scotty. I'm done here."

Image Credit: Flickr user sam 3.14

Guy Marries Video-Game Character

Ever wish that sexy night-elf was a real person, so that you could, um, take her out on a date? You're not the first guy to lust after a video-game character--think of all the teenage years lost over Lara Croft--but a man in Japan was the first guy to marry one. A 27-year-old college student, known as "Sal9000," married Nene Anegasaki, a character in the Nintendo DS game "Love Plus," in November 2009. The ceremony was livecast on Nico Nico Douga, a popular Japanese video-sharing Website.

Image Credit: BoingBoing

Custom Coffins

Everybody knows at least one die-hard fanboy—PS3, Xbox, Linux, you name it. I'm talking about the guy who would run into a burning building to save his Macbook Pro (but maybe not his dog). Well, now these fanboys can take their fandom to the grave with them--literally. builds environmentally friendly coffins that can be customized with the design of your choice. There are no geek-friendly designs on the site, but you can fill out a form for a custom design.

Image Credit:

Star Wars Weddings

May the force be with you…you may now kiss the bride. At one wedding, the groom wore a Mon Calamari mask, the bride wore traditional republic clothing, and the celebrant donned Leia's slave bikini. Looking for something less theme-y? This couple (pictured) didn't go quite as all-out--the bride wore a Stormtrooper-inspired white gown, the groom wore black, and they apparently dueled with lightsabers at the reception.

Image Credit: Pat Dy Photography

World of Warcraft Funerals

World of Warcraft memorial services prove people care…and that some people are jerks. WoW has over 11.5 million monthly subscribers, so it's inevitable that some of the players will die in real life. A young Chinese girl, nicknamed Snowly, died after playing World of Warcraft for several days straight in 2005. Her death did not go unnoticed--an online funeral service, attended by her fellow players and guild members, was held in the week following her death.

Snowly was not the only player to die, of course. In 2006, a Horde member died of a real-life stroke. Her guild members organized a virtual funeral in Winterspring, a PvP area. Alliance guild Serenity Now got wind of the event, and decided to crash the funeral--they attacked the grievers and were awarded many honorable kills. While this may have not been the most respectful thing to do…it also wasn't against the rules. Kind of like how it's not respectful to protest real-life funerals…but it's also not illegal.


Nintendo-Themed Birthday Party

I wish my parents had been this geeky…and this dedicated to my birthday parties. Mine were always themed around "My Little Pony" and featured cheap plastic Wal-Mart favors. But apparently this kid really likes Super Mario and Nintendo games. This creative birthday party features a Kirby piñata, giant piranha plants and goombas, and Mario papercraft party favors (the papercraft alone shows how dedicated the parents are).

Image Credit: Flickr user SGA Creative

Fun Wedding Invites

What happens when geeks fall in love? Geeky weddings complete with awesome invitations! At left, one couple's wedding invites featured Nintendo Wii Mii characters. Apparently the bride wasn't a Nintendo fangirl--so at least we know she must really love him.

At right, another couple played off of their love for the X-Men in their Save-the-Dates (the bride's last name was "Mann," so it worked out nicely).

Image Credit: (1) 4 Color Rebellion ; (2) Offbeat Bride

IE6 Funeral

Apparently funerals aren't just for mourning the loss of actual people. Internet Explorer 6 was finally laid to rest--quickly and easily, with a simple update. But not everybody was willing to let go so easily. Aten Design Group, a Denver, Colorado, company, held a mock funeral for the browser. And it wasn't just a Website-only memorial--about 100 people attended to pay their respects. Those who couldn't attend in person sent regards--one beautiful bouquet arrived with the note: "Thanks for the good times IE6. See you all at MIX where we'll show a little piece of IE heaven. --the Internet Explorer Team @ Microsoft"

Image Credit: Flickr user atendesigngroup

Star Trek Weddings

If you're a true Trekker, you live, breathe, and eat Star Trek style. This couple knows that--which is why they chose to get married on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. The groom wore a genuine Vulcan ambassador costume, and the bride wore a T'Pau costume. It turns out that Star Trek weddings are pretty popular--another couple had their very own Vulcan vow renewal ceremony on the deck of the Enterprise.

Image Credit: Youtube user DailyAviator

Super Mario Proposal

Guys have it pretty hard these days--they have to come up with unique, amazing proposal ideas. Luckily, it's not that hard if your girlfriend is a geek--just take this guy. Using a program called "Lunar Magic," this intrepid Mario fan designed a level of Super Mario World to spell out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" in gold coins. He had his girlfriend play some old-school Nintendo, and then got down on one knee to pop the question. She said yes. Let's a go!

Image Credit:

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