Plastic Logic Plans on Color Screens for its QUE E-Reader

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Plastic Logic plans to release a color screen for its proReader known as the QUE, according to an Electronics Weekly report. According to the report, the color QUE should ship sometime in 2012.

Currently e-readers typically use black and white E-ink--a type of "electronic paper "in which the screen is not illuminated to look better in bright-lit environments. E-ink screens resemble printed paper more than LCDs do, but since they're not backlit, you can't view them in darkened rooms.

While color e-ink isn't unheard of, current color e-ink have slow refresh rates like current monochrome e-ink screens do, so video is out of the question. Thanks to a process known as electrowetting by One company, Liquavista, developed a technique called electrowetting that should result in faster e-ink refresh rates and use lower power requirements than traditional LCDs. It should be interesting to see how Plastic Logic approaches this problem.

The QUE is a reading device similar to’s Kindle, however, with a slightly different purpose. The QUE initially premiered on January 7, 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. According to Plastic Logic, The QUE is tailored for modern professional businesspersons unlike the Kindle which is tailored for the casual reader.

[Electronics Weekly via Gizmodo]

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