Rumor: Sony PSP2 is '****ing Powerful'

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Hey, it's another PSP2 rumor that's probably wrong, but if you want the latest scuttlebutt from the usual unnamed "sources," here it is, unvarnished.

According to VG247, Sony's powerhouse portable sequel won't be revealed at E3 next month, but it is in the wild, and the NDAs as flying fast and furious.

Did I say 'nondisclosure agreement'? Nonsense, say all the "sources" leaking like paper grease bags. Will the PSP2 have cameras? Yes, they say. Two. One in front, one in back. Just like the DSi, in other words.

Also like Nintendo's DS, expect a touchscreen--presumably one, not two, but a place to poke the thing with your finger at last.

What about physical media? It probably won't have any (like the Go, for better or worse), trading instead on a 3G wireless option. Well maybe, say "sources." I'm not sure I'm ready to pay $60 a month for just 5GB of data access. $10 a month for 100GB and maybe--maybe--I'd sign up.

As for specs, no one's talking, but "one source" tells VG247 it's "****ing powerful," based on a four-core Cell CPU. The PlayStation 3 uses an eight-core cell processor. If this last part's true, and Sony opts to slap a second analog thumb-nub on the faceplate, you'd probably have a device capable of chewing through the entire PS2 back catalog. For some of you, that alone might justify the device's existence.

When? 2011, bumped from 2010. In the meantime, don't hold your breath expecting any of this "intel" to be accurate.

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