N-Trig Pushes Pen and Multitouch Input

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N-Trig, a component company that provides touchscreen technology for many PC and smartphone companies, had introducted its battery-powered Digital Pencil, a stylus that can work with multitouch devices.

The pen will let you chose between using the pen or their fingertips. According to N-Trig, the possibilities could include anything from taking notes in class, playing games, to creating art or engineering design.

The Digital Pencil is a wireless power-efficient electronic pen that uses a N-Trig's DuoSense software. The software can identify “the position of the Pencil and the pressure level, removing the need for an excitation coil within the DuoSense digitizer and can be used either as an integral part of the solution or as an optional after-market accessory, enabling OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) to offer system upgrades, making the Digital Pencil ideal for the consumer market,” according to N-Trig.

These capabilities could very well change the way in which people interact with computers. Pen-plus-touch input can be used for a multitude of devices, including tablets, phones, and iPod-like devices. This lets developers create apps that can use the pen plus touch features. You can easily write notes, grab and edit pictures, or creating art. The pen could even be used like a paintbrush, where the more you swipe it back and fourth the more “paint” comes off the brush leaving the impression that you are really using a paint brush. If takes off, anyway.

Concept videos of Microsoft's now-canceled Courier tablet showed the user manipulating objects onscreen with both fingers and a stylus (for example, using the stylus to write, and using fingers to manipulate objects onscreen), and a recent YouTube video looked at similar pen-plus-touch possibilities.

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