Remains of the Day: Apple Trademarks Stores, Wave's for All

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What do Google Wave, Apple Stores, and Vietnamese forums have in common? They all figure prominently into the remainders for May 19, 2010. Also, they're all fun places to visit, though you probably wouldn't want to live there.

Apple trademarks Apple Store (ifoAppleStore)

Apple has filed a pair of trademark applications for the distinctive layout of its retail stores, which include coverage for "the color(s) steel gray and light brown." Well, I guess I'd better change my new office layout before I get a cease and desist. I blame Ikea.

Google Wave (Labs) available today to organizations using Google Apps (Google)

In addition to opening Google Wave up to more users, the search giant is also making it available to businesses and institutions using Google Apps. With all this new blood, surely someone will figure out what the heck it's good for.

Apple chief blunders on options swap (MarketWatch, WSJ)

MarketWatch's Brett Arends--the same Brett Arends who earlier this year gave seven reasons Apple shareholders should be cautious--dings Steve Jobs for a 2003 stock "blunder" that saw the Apple CEO trade in options today worth $12.8 billion for those now worth "only" $2.5 billion. Yeah, that $10.3 billion he "lost" has really killed him over the last seven years. Given that he still made $2.5 billion more than you, Brett, I'm not so sure you should be handing out the title of "dumbest trade ever."

Vietnamese forum digs up iPod touch prototype with camera (Ars Technica)

Vietnamese Website Tinh te, which recently posted pictures of a purported iPhone prototype, has now showed off an alleged iPod touch prototype with a 2-megapixel camera. Well now we know why Apple didn't release the rumored model last year--these guys have it.

Google says multitasking, apps hurt Android's battery life (The Loop)

Google co-founder Larry Page said at the company's Zeitgeist forum that if users aren't getting a full day's charge out of their Android phone, "something is wrong." The culprit? Background apps chewing up the battery. Great, yet another feature of multitasking we iPhone users are missing out on.

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