10 Geeky Tees

These T-shirts are so geeky they're cool. Or so cool they're geeky. Or something.

Tees That Give Instant Geek Cred

We've selected some of the geekiest T-shirts ever spotted in the wild. Just being seen wearing one of these classics can elevate you to the heady heights of geek chic. Prepare for the awesomeness that ensues!

Bat Boy Proves Riemann Hypothesis T-Shirt

This T-shirt combines pop culture and mathematics in a perfect convergence of geekery. Bat Boy of Weekly World News fame proves the Riemann Hypothesis, a mathematical conjecture about the distribution of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function which states that all nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function have real part 1/2. And he has pointy teeth! Pointy teeth are cool.

Ninja Code T-Shirt

Here we have an example of a typical geek obsession (ninjas) combined with another geek obsession (coding). If you understand the humor of this shirt, your geek credentials are confirmed! Otherwise, ask a ninja.

I've Been Outside T-Shirt

Why leave your house (and stop gaming) when pizza can be delivered? The main drawback of this shirt's message is that it's effective only when someone comes to visit you...and no one comes to visit you.

No Place like Home T-Shirt

They say there’s no place like home--and for geeks, home is, the localhost or loopback IP address associated with your computer.

Geek Love Poem T-Shirt

Here’s a geek love poem. Nothing says “I care” like the thoughtful inclusion of proper hexadecimal color codes!

Command Prompt T-Shirt

This Windows command prompt humor harkens back to old-school reading primers of the “See Jane run” variety.

Velocity & Force T-Shirt

It’s not the velocity that kills you; it’s the force of impact. Why should geeks struggle to communicate in words when equations are so much more elegant?

Integral T-Shirt

If you can decipher this one without help, you are LEET! If you've studied calculus, you might know that the integral of this equation is 1337. If you type that into a calculator and turn it upside down, it spells "LEET," a geeky abbreviation of the word elite, the opposite of n00b, or newbie.

LED Graphic Equalizer T-Shirt

This sound-activated LED t-shirt contains a built-in graphic equalizer. Now you can geek out while you rock out!

Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

Our bonus T-shirt is the ever-popular Wi-Fi Detector (which also appears in our otherwise nonoverlapping slideshow "15 Tech T-Shirts We Love," from last year). This garment actually lights up when it detects a Wi-Fi network. The stronger the signal is, the more bars on the shirt light up.

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