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1. No moving parts
9. Screen display favored by bullfighters
10. Not too manly operating system
11. E-mail standard for Marcel Marceau
12. Hodgman's line
13. Ahoy! It's an antivirus program
15. Don't call it "Return"
17. Broadband connection
19. Web language that might be
popular at Niagara Falls
20. Evil spirit or e-mail automator (var.)
23. Mixer that refreshes
25. Stacks of printer paper
28. <Ctrl>-Z
29. Fed's ergonomics enforcer
30. Ooze
31. Smartphone for the all-thumbs set


1. Brave New World nectar
2. They're often pressed
3. 24-hour voiture race
4. That is, in other words
5. Heartburn reliever
6. Japan Airlines competitor
7. PCWorld Here's How item specialty
8. It performs well in columns and rows
14. Conference for "ideas worth spreading"
16. Out of the biz (abbrev.)
17. 1846-47 party you wouldn't want
to attend
18. More sarcastic, à la Twisted Sister
19. Chocolate substitute
21. Engelbart invention
22. An Apple for your teacher
24. <Ctrl>-C
26. It can give someone a new tongue
27. Eureka!

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