Facebook Privacy Again, a Shake up at Microsoft

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We were awash in all manner of news this week so that whittling the list to a mere 10 provoked much thought. In the end, we have decided to open with Facebook's simpler privacy controls and to end the list, and perhaps the week, with beer.

1. Amid backlash, Facebook unveils simpler privacy controls, Facebook earns praise for privacy changes and Facebook privacy fixes: Your guide to the newest changes: Facebook made its privacy controls simpler to find and set, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaiming: "We believe in privacy. We believe in giving people control." We're still not so sure that Facebook's definitions of "privacy" and "control" are the same as the definitions of a lot of the rest of us. But we'll see how it goes.

2. Microsoft departures shake up entertainment group and What Steve Ballmer needs to do to save Microsoft's mobile bacon: Is it just us or does it seem to always be the case that when a high-profile executive leaves a business division that has been floundering it's to spend more time with the family?

3. OLPC's Negroponte says XO-3 prototype tablet coming in 2010: The prototype for One Laptop Per Child's XO-3 tablet could be out by December, two years ahead of schedule, and cost just US$75.

4. BP oil spill 'slows' but serious IT failures come to surface: We suspect other serious failures of various sorts will continue to surface.

5. Foxconn plans safety nets, may raise pay after 12th suicide: Twelve employees have jumped from buildings on the campus of Foxconn Technology Group in China, with 10 of them dying. Foxconn has implemented safety measures as a consequence of the suicides and attempted suicides. It also has given employees pay raises. May we give thought to the people in China and elsewhere who make the electronics we buy the next time we're out looking for a bargain.

6. DOJ looking into iTunes antitrust allegations: The U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly looking into Apple's iTunes business practices for possible anticompetitive behavior. We may give future consideration to a standing spot for Apple-related legal stories.

7. What desktop virtualization really means: Here's a handy little primer on what desktop virtualization is really all about and what it really is not.

8. Apple tops Microsoft as world's most valuable tech firm: We can't say we're exactly sure what this means in the real scheme of things, but Apple is now more valuable than Microsoft in terms of the total worth of its shares.

9. 10 tips for safer browsing: Supercookies and new dangers: We keep thinking of the canard, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." Except when it comes to the Web, it seems many of us could stand to be more paranoid.

10. Free beer!: Because we cannot let pass the opportunity to use the words "free" and "beer" together.

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