Rumor: New PS3 SKU to Include HDMI Cable, Game

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PlayStation 3 HDMI

Sony's PlayStation 3--once an unattainably boutique-priced $600, now a more sanely-priced $300--never got around to bundling an HDMI cable. This, despite Sony frequently touting the system's high-definition prowess and mysterious "it only does everything" powers. What do you get out of the box? A creaky old composite cable, fit for those of you with personal time machines and a predilection for nostalgically warping back to the flickery, low-def twentieth-century.

It sounds like that's about to change. If the tipsters teasing the folks at PlayStation Lifestyle aren't pulling legs, Sony's about to announce at least one new retail SKU that solves the missing HDMI link.

No, sadly it won't grace the $300 120GB model, but it sounds like it will show up in the plus-$50 250GB one. What's more, for the bonus price of $350 total, the latter's rumored to include a copy of LittleBigPlanet, the Greatest Hits Game of the Year Edition.

Now before you get too excited--and as others have repeatedly pointed out to me when I run price comparisons--you can pick up an HDMI cable for between $10 and $15 just about anywhere. They're cheap, in other words, and we know Sony's already lost its shirt, pants, shoe, shoe-laces, and underwear trying to get the PS3's price down while hemorrhaging money like a cash-filled axe-whacked pinata.

Still, LittleBigPlanet GOTY edition sells for $30 new. That plus $10 for the cable adds up to $40--$40 you're getting gratis if you pick up the 250GB PS3 SKU.

If this all pans out, it's almost inarguably a steal of a deal. Sure, LittleBigPlanet has its shortcomings--it wasn't quite the game-changer Sony hoped it'd be--but I can think of far worse overhyped games to pack-in. Lair, Haze, or Alpha Protocol, anyone?

(Hypothetical) your move, Microsoft.

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