Live Update: WWDC Keynote

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9:30 - Jason Snell: Hi everyone. Jason Snell with Dan Moren

9:31 - JS: We're in the Moscone West convention hall in San Francisco. Show expected to start in 30 minutes or so.

9:31 - JS: They let us in early. Go figure.

9:35 - JS: Someone wrote that CoverItLive uses flash. For what it's worth, it doesn't. It's all HTML except for one unfortunate button that you don't need to click. :-)

9:36 - Dan Moren: I tell you, walking back through this hall against the stream of developers was like being a salmon swimming upstream.

9:41 - JS: The developers are feeding in, absolutely. We're firmly ensconced. They even outfitted us with power strips. Swank.

9:43 - JS: Expected today: New iPhone, of course. More detail about iPhone OS 4. Lots of details about the software on the new iPhone, since nobody outside of Apple has really seen it running. Lots of highlighting the quality of the new screen.

9:47 - JS: We'll be reporting as soon as Steve comes onstage.

9:50 - DM: Your regular music update: we are being serenaded by the dulcet tones of Louis Armstrong.

9:56 - DM: People in the back of the hall are apparently holding up their iPads with messages written on them, and getting laughs.

9:56 - DM: Sadly, they have not pointed them at us.

9:56 - DM: We're getting our welcome from a disembodied voice, asking us to turn off our cellphones, etc.

9:57 - JS: They've asked us to turn off our PDAs!

9:57 - DM: Oh, man, I think I left my Handspring Visor on. In 2001.

9:58 - JS: Lots of cheering and moaning behind us. I wonder if someone's bouncing a beach ball in the crowd.

9:59 - JS: Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" playing at a much higher volume.

9:59 - DM: I think this is the key song. Especially since they just turned the volume up.

9:59 - DM: Or heck, maybe Steve's just feeling very mellow these days.

10:00 - DM: And the lights are going down.

10:00 - DM: I think we're about to begin here.

10:01 - JS: Lights dimming or I'm having a stroke.

10:01 - DM: Enter Steve Jobs, stage left!

10:01 - DM: Black turtleneck, jeans, the usual garb.

10:01 - DM: He's getting a standing ovation.

10:01 - DM: People are taking pictures everywhere. It's a mad house.

10:01 - DM: "It's great to be here." "Thanks, I think," says Steve.

10:01 - DM: "We love you, Steve" shouts a crowd member.

10:02 - JS: The developer crowd is like a rock-concert audience.

10:02 - DM: Over 5200 attendees, packed to the gills. 57 different countries. Sold out in eight days.

10:02 - DM: Taken us a little over a month before, but now sold out in 8 days. Apologize to folks who wanted to be here. This is the biggest place they could get.

10:02 - JS: Next year, Keynote at AT&T Park!

10:02 - DM: Over 120 sessions this week and over 120 hands-on labs.

10:02 - JS: Kidding.

10:02 - DM: Over 1000 Apple engineers here this week.

10:03 - DM: Great sessions on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and just about everything you want to know, there's somebody to answer your questions.

10:03 - DM: Let's do a few updates to start.

10:03 - DM: The iPad's up first. And it gets a round of applause, unsurprisingly.

10:04 - DM: Changing the way we're experiencing the web, email, photos, maps, video, you name it. It's a whole new way to interact with the Internet, with apps, with content media, and it is magical, because I got this e-mail:

10:04 - DM: "I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad and it got a girl interested in me. It really is magical!"

10:04 - DM: Over 2 million iPads in 59 days, one sold every 3 seconds. In 10 countries today.

10:04 - DM: Here's a video reel with press coverage.

10:05 - DM: Coverage from a bunch of different countries.

10:05 - DM: Even an 84 year old French woman has one!

10:05 - DM: Everybody is SO EXCITED to have iPads.

10:06 - DM: Be in 19 countries by end of July and they thank everybody for patience; they're making iPads as fast as they can.

10:06 - DM: Now 8500 native iPad apps in the App Store. And the iPad can run over 200,000 of the iPhone apps. Over 35 million downloads of iPad apps, and works out to be about 17 apps per iPad.

10:07 - DM: Going through some popular iPad apps: webMD, eBay, Gowalla, etc.

10:07 - DM: Lot of great games. Iron Man, Avatar, Field Runners, golf, a really cool DJ app, flight tracker. A lot of newspapers and magazines.

10:07 - DM: Showing off Wolfram Alpha's The Elements.

10:08 - DM: "I earned more on the sales of The Elements for iPad in the first day than from the past 5 years of Google ads on" -Theo Gray, Wolfram Associates

10:08 - DM: There's your first Google shot.

10:08 - DM: "This is what we love to hear from you guys."

10:08 - DM: They're updating iBooks today!

10:08 - JS: It's important that Steve speaks directly to the developers. This is the one chance for Steve to direct a full house of devs, and show them some love.

10:09 - DM: In the first 65 days over 5 million e-books have been downloaded. About 2.5 books per iPad.

10:09 - DM: 5 of 6 biggest publishers in US say that share of eBook sales is about 22%.

10:09 - DM: iBookstore's market share hit 22% in just 8 weeks.

10:09 - DM: Some enhancements to iBooks. First, you can also make notes (they look like yellow sticky notes.)

10:10 - DM: In addition, they've added a control to tap and add a bookmark.

10:10 - DM: Table of contents will show you bookmarks and notes.

10:10 - DM: Also added the ability to view and read PDFs.

10:10 - DM: There's a little Books/PDF selector at the top.

10:10 - DM: Whole new bookshelf for PDFs. You can navigate and flip through them.

10:11 - DM: That will be out just a little bit later this month. And that's the update for the iPad.

10:11 - DM: Next we're going to talk up the App Store. "Something near and dear to all of us."

10:11 - DM: I want to make something really clear: we support *two* platforms.

10:12 - DM: The first one is HTML5. A fully open, uncontrolled platform that is forged and defined by widely-respected standards bodies. Apple's a member of those bodies along with other companies. Fully support HTML5 and Apple's browsers are in the lead in terms of supporting the standard. Behind it 100% and it's fully open.

10:12 - DM: Anyone can write HTML apps and have them on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and the Mac.

10:12 - DM: The App Store is the second platform, and it's a curated platform. It's the most vibrant app community on the planet.

10:12 - DM: There's nowhere else you can go and find over 225,000 apps.

10:12 - DM: So we're going to talk about the App Store.

10:13 - DM: You've read a lot about the process of approving apps.

10:13 - JS: Very similar to what he said at the D conference last week. This is definitely Apple's official way of explaining why the App Store is curated.

10:13 - DM: They get about 15,000 apps submitted every week.

10:13 - DM: Including updates, etc.

10:13 - DM: They come in in up to 30 different languages that are supported.

10:13 - DM: 95% of all submitted apps are approved within 7 days.

10:13 - DM: What about the 5% apps that aren't?

10:13 - DM: Three top reasons that they don't get approved.

10:13 - DM: "The app doesn't function as advertised by developers."

10:14 - DM: The second is "Use of private APIs." Developers cannot use private APIs, because when they change the OS, the APIs may change and the app may break.

10:14 - DM: "Developers who use private APIs know exactly what they're doing." That gets a laugh.

10:14 - DM: Third most frequent reason, "They crash."

10:14 - DM: "I think if you were in our shoes, you would rejected these apps."

10:15 - DM: He's going to highlight eBay.

10:15 - DM: eBay came out with an iPhone app last year. "We launched the eBay applicaiton on the iPhone last year—10 million downlaods. It did $600 million of volume in its first year. It's going to do $1.5 billion to $2 billion this year."—John Donahoe, eBay CEO

10:15 - DM: Three new apps on the App Store: here's Netflix.

10:16 - DM: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is on stage.

10:16 - DM: 2 months ago launched the Netflix app for iPad. Now one of their fastest growing platforms.

10:16 - DM: Customer ratings in the App Store are among the highest, one of the top ten mostdownloaded apps, and it's been #1 in the Entertainment category.

10:16 - DM: Netflix for iPhone for free this summer, and here's an early look.

10:17 - DM: Full Netflix experience on the iPhone. Same service on your TV, iPad, or laptop.

10:17 - DM: You can resume current movie on your iPhone. Plus you get recommendations and you can get all the genres, the complete instant queue, or search through streaming library.

10:18 - DM: Searching for Art & Copy, add to instant queue.

10:18 - DM: On the iPhone, Netflix uses HTTP adaptive streaming to get the best quality.

10:18 - DM: Next up, zynga. Mark Pincus, CEO.

10:19 - DM: Farmville for the iPhone. That gets half-hearted applause and a couple of "Aww"s.

10:20 - DM: More people play than the combined watching of series finales of Lost and 24.

10:20 - DM: Raised over $2 million to help Haiti. And here's farmin on the fly.

10:20 - DM: It's the same farm on Facebook on your phone.

10:21 - DM: Can use in-app purchases to add cash and coins and buy things, like a Snow Leopard that's only avialable on the iPhone.

10:21 - DM: The crowd is a little unruly.

10:22 - DM: Shows you your same friends from Facebook.

10:22 - JS: I really don't get this Farmville thing. I guess the kids like it?

10:23 - JS: Why all the time for Farmville? Because on Facebook it's based on Flash. And on the iPhone, it's got a native app! That's the message here.

10:23 - DM: Farmville will be available on iPhone by the end of June, in time for the one year anniversary of the game.

10:23 - DM: Number three, is Activision. Karthik Bala senior vice president to demo Guitar Hero.

10:23 - DM: With over 40 million units sold worldwide, Guitar Hero is a pop culture phenomenon.

10:24 - DM: Developing a brand new Guitar Hero experience exclusively for iPhone/iPod touch.

10:24 - DM: You can customize look of your rock star and share that look with your friends.

10:24 - DM: Game comes with classic rock from Queen and Rolling Stones as well as Vampire Wekeend and Rise Against.

10:24 - DM: Gameplay riffs off classic guitar hero.

10:25 - DM: Uses the obvious tapping mechanics.

10:25 - DM: So now there's a new strumming mechanic.

10:25 - JS: I have seen Dan Moren play Rock Band, and let me tell you, he's one heck of a drummer.

10:25 - DM: He's air guitaring on stage.

10:26 - DM: And unsurprisingly the demo guy gets five stars.

10:26 - DM: Post highs scores on leaderboard or Facebook. Guitar Hero is available in the App Store today for $2.99.

10:26 - DM: Steve's back on stage. "It's very cool!"

10:26 - DM: Three great entertainment apps and they'll join the over 225,000 apps on the App Store.

10:27 - DM: Some info to share: just last week, Apple crossed 5 billion downloads from the App Store.

10:27 - DM: Steve's favorite stat of the whole show is next:

10:27 - DM: 70% of revenue from App Store goes to developers. So how much have they paid developers? Just a few days ago they crossed $1 billion paid to developers.

10:28 - DM: That's what makes the App Store the most vibrant app community on the planet.

10:28 - DM: That's the end of the App Store section.

10:28 - DM: Now he's going to talk about the iPhone.

10:28 - DM: A lot of stats and market research floating around and some are okay and some are questionable. Here are two pieces of data to help you make your own decision.

10:29 - DM: Q1 of 2010 Nielsen says the smartphone marketshare in the US: RIM is #1 with 35%, iPhone is #2 with 28%, WIndows Mobile #3 with 19%, Android #4 with 9%, and Other tied with 9%.

10:29 - DM: In Q1 2010, the iPhone's marketshare was over 3x that of Android.

10:29 - DM: US Mobile browser usage from Net Applications, for May 2010.

10:30 - DM: iPhone has 58.2% of the entire mobile browser usage in the U.S. Over 2.5x as #2 which is Android, at 22.7%.

10:30 - DM: "This may help you put things in perspective."

10:30 - JS: Jobs taking it to Android there. Making it clear Apple considers Android overhyped.

10:30 - DM: In 2007, "The iPhone re-invents the phone." It's hard to remember what it was like before the iPhone, says Steve. Carriers controlled what was on the phone, there were very few apps. It was really different.

10:31 - DM: In 2008, "The iPhone 3G and the App Store." In 2009, "The iPhone 3GS is twice as fast."

10:31 - DM: For 2010, "The biggest leap since the original iPhone."

10:31 - DM: That gets a huge cheer.

10:31 - DM: "We're introducing iPhone 4."

10:31 - DM: "Now, this is really hot."

10:31 - DM: Well over 100 new features, and we're going to cover eight new features.

10:32 - DM: 1. All new design. "Now, some of you have already seen this." That gets a laugh and a huge round of applause.

10:32 - DM: "Believe me, you ain't seen it. You gotta se this thing in person. One of the most beautiful design we've ever seen."

10:32 - JS: That's the tip of the cap to the Gizmodo story so far: "Believe me, you ain't seen it."

10:32 - DM: "Beyond a doubt, the most precise thing and one of the most beautiful things we've ever made. Glass on front and back, stainless steel around the edge. Precision on this thing…it's closest kin is like a beautiful old Leica camera."

10:32 - DM: "And it's really thin."

10:33 - JS: iPhone 4. Interesting name. Gets away from the whole 3G 4G thing, which is good since those are cellular networking standards.

10:33 - DM: 9.3mm thick; 24% thinner than iPhone 3GS.

10:33 - DM: It's the thinnest smartphone on the planet.

10:33 - JS: Big cheer for the front-facing camera.

10:33 - JS: Big moan for the micro-SIM tray.

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