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Many people today have too many tasks to complete and too little time in which to do them. The complexity of all this multitasking often leads to forgotten details, missed deadlines, and duplicated effort. Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal assistant to take notes, help you keep track of it all, and remind you to do things as you go about your daily business? ReQall aims to be your virtual assistant with a combination of voice transcription and alerts that can be time- or location-based.

Unfortunately, the service is currently so awkward to use that you may find yourself spending more time trying to configure it than you save from using it. For example, one of reQall's most interesting features is the ability to add Locations that can trigger To-Do alerts when you approach those places--but the feature is poorly executed. You can add only your current Location or use previous Locations from within the Android app. And if you want to add a distant Location, you have to log in to reQall's Web page to do it. Generally speaking, if you have to leave the app in order to use or configure core functions of the app, then the app becomes a time-waster, not a time-saver.

ReQall has a lot of voice-enabled features. Good luck trying to use them. The voice recorder will stop as soon as you pause speaking even for a moment. It's a pain for slow talkers like me. I quickly gave up, and used the keyboard-based text feature instead. This works pretty well: You can set up alerts and even create entries in your Google Calendar. However, to activate Google Calendar integration, you will have to leave the app and log in to reQall's Web page to select that option.

You may like reQall if you are a very fast and articulate speaker, and if you are willing to invest a substantial amount of time and effort learning how to use it.

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At a Glance
  • ReQall advertises itself as a voice-enabled, location-aware To-do app on steroids. However, it disappoints with an awkward, complex user interface that lacks key functionality.

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