What Steve Jobs Didn't Say at His WWDC Keynote

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Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 and offered several smaller pieces of news at his keynote speech at today's Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). But there were plenty of important things missing from Jobs' keynote.

When will the iPhone come to other carriers?

Here's the most important missing piece of information of all: When will the iPhone come to other carriers? AT&T has been roundly and justly criticized for providing truly awful service. In fact, at one point during Jobs' keynote, when he was having connectivity problems, and asked if anyone could help, one jokester shouted out "Verizon!" (The connection problems were WiFi related, by the way, so Verizon couldn't help.)

There's tremendous pent-up demand at other carriers for the iPhone. But for the foreseeable future, if you want an iPhone, you have to put up with AT&T's service that's as bad as tin cans and string.

Why can't an iPhone tether to an iPad?

When AT&T announced its tethering plan for the iPhone, it also made clear that you would not be allowed to tether an iPhone to an iPad. An AT&T spokeswoman, when asked by Computerworld why that is, responded, "That's a device question. I recommend you ask Apple."

Apple didn't reply to Computerworld's question. And at the keynote, Jobs didn't talk about it, either.

Plenty of people have reported being able to tether Android phones to the iPad, however. So for now, iPad owners will have to bypass the iPhone, and instead turn to an Android device if they want tethering.

When's the next rev of Mac OS X due?

Remember Mac OS X? It's an operating system that runs on a quaint thing called a computer. Some people were hoping that Jobs would reveal when the next version of Mac OS X, 10.6.4, was due, and possibly highlight some of its features. Sorry. It didn't happen, so Mac fans will still have to wait.

What's up with Safari 5?

The rumor mill had version 5 of Safari being announced at the WWDC. But as if often the case, the rumor mill was wrong, and there's no public date yet set for when Safari 5 will be here.

What model truck will Steve Ballmer drive?

At last week's All Things Digital D8 conference, Steve Jobs had this to say about the future of PCs:

PCs are going to be like trucks. They're still going to be around, they're still going to have a lot of value, but they're going to be used by one out of X people.

He clearly had Windows PCs in mind when he said that. So what model truck does he expect Steve Ballmer to be tooling around in Redmond? A Dodge Ram? A Chevy Silverado? Maybe a Mack truck?

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