Live Update: Nintendo E3 2010 Press Show

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10:05 Matt Peckham: They haven't named the format, but I'm assuming it'll be the same DSi-style cards.

10:07 Matt Peckham: Chris; It looks like Kid Icarus is for the 3DS. Just FYI.

10:07 Chris Holt: 3D version of Nintendogs. Now with Cats.

10:08 Matt Peckham: Chris; announcing 3rd party developers who are planning on publishing on the 3DS. Kingdom Hearts. Saints Row. Madden. Fifa Soccer. Dead or Alive. Batman. Resident Evil. Assassins Creed. Metal Gear Solid.

10:09 Chris Holt: That's quite a list. Fans went wild for Metal Gear's inclusion. Lots of WTF? looks about Saints Row.

10:10 Matt Peckham: Now we're treated to film roll of developers talking about their reactions to the 3DS.

10:10 Comment From Sam So for those of us that own the original DS, are we out of luck? Will we have to buy a new DS in order to play the new Golden Sun game?

10:10 Matt Peckham: The new Golden Sun is for the standard DSi/DS, not 3DS.

10:10 Comment From Robert What about Wifi standard? 802.11g or n-draft?

10:11 Matt Peckham: Not a word during the show about WiFi. We'll have to wait for the show floor, probably.

10:11 Comment From Bryan How do the demonstrations of the "3D" games without glasses compare to current 3D movies with glasses?

10:11 Matt Peckham: Great questions, Bryan. We'll be able to see when we demo it hands-on, show floor. It's impossible to say here, since we're only able to talk about it, not demo it.

10:13 Matt Peckham: Reggie's hyping the 3DS. "What's added, literally, is a new dimension."

10:13 Matt Peckham: The great irony: It's the greatest thing ever...except we can't represent it here onstage! True enough.

10:13 Matt Peckham: They're going to try and communicate it "a very different way."

10:14 Matt Peckham: They just showed a film of Iwata being sucked up into the 3DS.

10:14 Comment From Matthew Any chance of getting a glimpse of what this beast looks like?

10:15 Matt Peckham: We'll have slides after the show! It looks like a DS with a widescreen up top and an analog stick.

10:16 Chris Holt: It looks like confetti was supposed to fall. Whoops.

10:16 Chris Holt: we're letting everyone in the theater travel to the 3rd dimension right here, right now.

10:17 Chris Holt: All hot women. All dressed the same.

10:17 Chris Holt: this is shameless. "Please stay seated while they work their way to you."

10:18 Chris Holt: I want to see the casting call that went out for this. "Must look good in white t-shirt, have a great smile and certain hair length."

10:18 Comment From Scooter Please yell "where's Zelda"

10:19 Matt Peckham: Zelda is, I kid you not, literally about 50 feet down the theater way from Chris and me.

10:20 Matt Peckham: And that's it... We're being herded out to test the 3DS!

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