This week MacWorld Editorial Director Jason Snell joins PCWorld editors Robert Strohmeyer, Jason Cross and Tim Moynihan to offer his insight on the biggest stories to come out of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this year.

The new iPhone 4 wasn't quite the surprise Jobs may have been hoping for, but we still manage to blow half the podcast discussing Facetime, the evolution of iOS and Apple's troubled working relationship with AT&T. PCW's Robert Strohmeyer was among the thousands of iPad 3G owners targeted by hackers capitalizing on an AT&T security hole to steal subscriber e-mail addresses; join us as we fantasize about a future iPhone free from network monogamy before turning our attention to how Tim Moynihan might best destroy the latest 4G model.

Amidst the WWDC debate Jason Cross finds a moment to praise Valve Software for bringing the Steam games service to Mac users, proving that not all developers have forgotten about the Mac platform despite Apple's best efforts to the contrary. The Apple Developer Awards were dominated by iPhone and iPad apps this year; is Apple neglecting loyal Mac developers?

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01:05 - iPhone 4 Discussion (FaceTime, iOS, the future of iTunes.)

12:45 - Is Apple neglecting Mac developers?

16:45 - Valve brings Steamworks to Mac.

17:40 - iPad 3G hacked!

22:00 - Does Apple have AT&T over a barrel?

24:20 - Do Android tablets have anything to offer?

25:00 - How will we destroy the new iPhone 4?

27:45 - The new iPhone pricing scheme.

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