8 Wildest E3 2010 Rumors: True or False?

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$199.99 PS3
Rumor: Sony Reveals a 'Budget' $199.99 PS3

Just yesterday Sony's new 3D website listed a PlayStation 3 for $199.99 under the '3D-Compatible Products' section, generating buzz about a possible entry-level PS3 $100 cheaper than its $299.99 120GB model.

Sony now says it's just a typo (as if they'd say anything else). Even still, the company only sells two storage-differentiated models, the 120GB for $300 and a 250GB alternative for $350. While those two may offer better value in a spec-for-spec faceoff with Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony lacks an entry-level PS3 that could compete in the 'price tag for price tag' column.

Super Mario Galaxy HD
Rumor: Nintendo Reveals a High-Definition Wii Add-On

This one's easy: No way, no how. Why? Because Nintendo's E3 2010 press show's about the 3DS, not the Wii. Plus the Wii's still outselling everyone, every month, without pause, and without high-definition games. End of story.

Xbox 360 Hulu
Rumor: Xbox LIVE Gets Hulu Streaming Video

Technically the Xbox 360 already has Hulu. If you're willing to pay for it via MediaMall's PlayOn, that is. But if you'd rather just pay Microsoft $50 a year for an Xbox LIVE gold subscription (to subsequently pay Hulu to subscribe to their service), rumor has it--and I'm voting likely here--that the service will debut for Xbox LIVE at E3 next week.

PlayStation Network
Rumor: Sony Launches a 'Premium' Pay-For PlayStation Network Service

Microsoft already does this, for good or ill, with its optional $50 a year Xbox LIVE membership, so why not Sony? The latter has as much to gain, and--if it keeps online multiplayer on the "free" side of things--nothing to lose. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Andrew House recently affirmed the company is "looking at a premium service to sit alongside the current free service," though stressing that the current PSN "will remain a free service."

Whether it's an E3-caliber announcement is anyone's guess, and dependent on the maturity of the services or membership benefits Sony's planning to place behind the pay-wall.

The Elder Scrolls V
Rumor: We'll Finally See Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V

No, we won't. Bethesda's next great fantasy role-playing epic may or may not be an MMO, may or may not be an Elder Scrolls, and for all we know, may or may not be in development, but one thing's almost certain--we won't see it at E3 2010.

As I wrote earlier, I take Bethesda's Pete Hines at his word when he says E3 "bombshells" are pointless. Bethesda's already listed its E3 lineup, including Brink (their "ground breaking shooter"), Hunted (a third-person co-op fantasy action game), RAGE (id Software's next big first-person shooter), and Fallout: New Vegas, the latest not-an-expansion-to-Fallout-3 chapter in the Fallout roleplaying saga.

I'd say that's plenty, with or without an Elder Scrolls game.

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