Firefox Add-on JonDoFox Makes Web Browsing Safer

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The JonDoFox utility creates a customized Firefox profile that automatically uses the separately installed JonDo program, as well as a number of privacy and security-themed Firefox addons, to allow for anonymous, protected surfing. It's a nicely configured setup that takes very little effort to set up--but using the JonDo option does mean dealing with a major slowdown.

You'll need JonDo to use JonDoFox, and your easiest option to get JonDoFox is to click Yes when prompted to install it when you first start up JonDo. (You can also download and install JonDoFox separately.) A quick installation creates a custom profile, normally used by Firefox to keep bookmarks, add-ons and settings separate when different Windows accounts use the browser.

JonDoFox takes advantage of the feature to create a profile that's already configured to use the JonDo proxy, along with the the Adblock Plus, CS Lite, NoScript, DownloadHelper, and ProfileSwitcher add-ons. Your original, regular Firefox profile remains untouched.

The JonDo proxy hides your IP address from Web sites you visit by routing your browser's requests through a number of anonymizing online servers. The technique is effective, but has the unfortunate side effect of noticeably slowing things down.

The other addons will block ads (Adblock Plus), cookies (CS Lite), and JavaScript (NoScript). DownloadHelper allows for downloading videos instead of playing them in your browser, which can improve security, while ProfileSwitcher allows for opening a new window with your usual Firefox profile, along with all its attendant bookmarks and settings. Which means you can have one Firefox window open with the JonDoFox profile that's set up for anonymous and private browsing, and another that has your regular setup, at the same time. You'll also be able to select which profile to use when you start Firefox.

Because JonDoFox creates a Firefox profile and installs Firefox add-ons, rather than installing a separate standalone program, you won't find it listed in the Add/Remove programs list. Instead, you can delete the JonDoFox profile and attendant add-ons by selecting it in the Profile Manager you'll see when starting Firefox, and then clicking the Delete Profile button.

JonDoFox provides an easy and free option for those who want an anonymous browsing option without messing with their current Firefox setup. Just keep in mind that using the companion JonDo proxy means dealing with a noticeably slow connection.

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