Ask the GeekTechers: Our Favorite E3 Announcements

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Welcome to Ask the GeekTechers, a new occasional blog series where GeekTech bloggers respond to a hot news topic. This week's hottest topic in geek circles was, undoubtedly, E3. And needless to say, we GeekTechers followed the show closely.

Today's Question: What new product announced at E3 are you most excited about? Here's what we had to say.

Blair Hanley Frank

I have to say--and I'm sure that a bunch of other people have said this too--the Nintendo 3DS. It's the best piece of hardware that's come out of this conference. I've found my iPhone suitable for my handheld gaming needs, and I haven't followed the DS for quite some time. The 3DS finally has me excited for a dedicated handheld console again.

Chris Brandrick

This year's E3 had a surprisingly strong showing from Nintendo. Whilst it's hard to excite a gamer who is addicted to cheap impulse iPhone applications the Nintendo 3DS' line up is a real eye-opener. Although still skeptical on the 3D hardwares capabilities, the upcoming handheld has a superb line-up of future games. The titles on offer include games from the Street Fighter series, Tom Clancy series, Resident Evil, DJ Hero, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart, Sonic, and more. It's something to get excited about, right?

Joey Samaniego

As a recent purchaser of a 2nd Xbox 360 (my first one had the infamous Red Ring of Death), my feelings about the announcement of the slim Xbox 360 are TBD. The new model features built-in wireless, double the hard-drive space of an elite and it's black and shiny too. If it turns out that I can return my Elite (purchased 26 days ago), this will be my favorite announcement. If not, it's a lock for my "makes me want to punch something" announcement.

Sarah Jacobsson

I'm most excited about Zelda: Skyward Sword. Ever since Link's Awakening (for the original Game Boy) totally owned me when I was six years old, I have made it my life's mission to find and defeat every subsequent Zelda title.

Also, the 3D Nintendo DS. I know it's gimmicky and probably not as cool as it sounds, but I love Nintendo.

David Murphy

Hmm. My favorite E3 moment? Watching all 1,500 journalist run around and cover the exact same thing -- with all the livestreaming going on nowadays, what's the point of actually going to E3?

But in all sincerity, I would have to say it was the muffled chuckles when Nintendo announced that Ridge Racer was going to be one of the titles shipping for its new 3DS -- riiiidddggeeee racer!

But in all sincerity part two, the only game I truly care enough to follow is anything with the word "Warhammer" preceding it. I think Space Marines is going to be fun and the new MMO is going to crush the "old" MMO (which, itself, will eventually be crushed by the WoW juggernaut, as are all MMOs).

As well, The Force Unleashed II? Sign me up. I loves me a good stormtrooper-killer.

Nick Mediati

Photo: David Ayala, PCWorld
Speaking as a non-gamer, I'd have to go with the Nintendo 3DS. Gimmicky? Maybe. But I look forward to getting my paws on one and seeing whether the 3D screen is as good as Nintendo says it is.

Oh, and Gamer Grub. Mmm...

James Mulroy

There are all kinds of interesting things at E3 this year but being a non-video-game junkie, there are only a few in particular that really excite me like the awesome Cyber Clean or the advances in programming and graphics like Crysis 2. But my favorite piece of technology at E3 would definitely have to be Microsofts Kinect or the PlayStation Move; they're like a Wii Fit but the latest and greatest. And hopefully they'll get people off of their couches!

How about you?

What E3 announcement are you looking forward to most? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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