Tune in to hear our thoughts on E3 2010 this week, as web sensation Carlos Rodera returns to join PCWorld's Robert Strohmeyer, Jason Cross and the new kid in a roundtable discussion on the high and low points of each major press conference.

"I don't want to be in my living room waving my arms around like an idiot," says Carlos, who opens this week with an open call for game developers to stop chasing the casual market and start making games with mature storylines. In the interests of time we take a pretty quick run through the highlights of the Big 3 at E3 this year, and pessimism remains high despite an impressive display of motion control and 3D gaming tech from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Are platform manufacturers alienating core gamers in an attempt to make games that appeal to a broader audience?


03:00 - Microsoft: What is Kinect, and how much will it cost?

12:30 - Nintendo: It's all about the 3DS lineup this year, but there's still a ton we don't know about the new hardware.

20:00 - Sony: Will motion control and 3D TV really improve gaming in any meaningful way? And what effect will the release of Portal 2 (and thus the Steamworks platform) on PS3 have on the downloadable game market?

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