Apple iPhone 3G Users Should Stop Whining

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Sometimes it is difficult to discern whether complaints are coming from actual users or are a product of blogosphere hyperbole, as was the case yesterday when the iPhone 3G didn’t get all of the new features available in the iOS 4 upgrade. One thing is for certain: had those customers received those features there would be real cause for complaints.

iOS4 performance on the iPhone 3G is a mixed bag, according to tests compiled since its release. That’s without all of the bells and whistles such as backgrounds and multitasking. When a Gizmodo reader e-mailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking why backgrounds were not included in the update, Jobs replied, “The icon animation with backgrounds didn’t perform well enough.” If that’s the case, just imagine the performance hit that multitasking would take.

The iPhone 3G’s hardware is substantially less powerful than the 3GS and iPhone 4. Had Apple chosen not to omit those features, many more people would be complaining about bad performance and being “forced to upgrade.” A phone should be snappy– not slow like an old PC overloaded with new software. Anything less is unacceptable. Apple did the correct thing by its customers.

Were many people complaining about not having wallpaper before yesterday’s free upgrade? Absolutely not. If you liked your iPhone yesterday, there are no fewer reasons to enjoy it today. If you don’t like your phone, sell it, and find something that better meets your requirements. You can get good money for it on trade-in sites.

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