Now They Tell Us -- Leftover Quotables From E3

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Lots of developer and publisher interviews swirl around E3 and sometimes it takes a few days to get all the information out there. Here's a roundup of everything people said last week during E3 that the internet only just now seemed to notice, plus a few things they really didn't decide to tell us until just now.

"Nintendo won't sell the 3DS below production cost."

Attributed to: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

Source: Nintendo CEO reveals how company toiled for years on 3DS concept

Why we care: Nintendo didn't give a price point for the 3DS and our wallets are looking awfully empty after the Nintendo DSi XL.

"Nintendo is worried about currency market changes."

Attributed to: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

Source: Nintendo profit concern over currency market gyrations

Why we care: If Nintendo gets over-cautious with pricing, we might wind up paying more for our 3DS.

"E3 is no place for Nintendo's Vitality Sensor."

Attributed to: Nintendo's VP of sales & marketing Cammie Dunaway

Source: E3: Nintendo's Dunaway On 3DS, Kinect/Move, And Wii Momentum

Why we care: The Vitality Sensor made its "debut" at E3 2009 and nobody's really seen it since. Is it really going to come out this year?

"The Kinect costs $150. Maybe."

Attributed to: A "highly-positioned, trusted source" of Develop who says it's $150 and Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter who told investors it could go as low as $70

Sources: Source pins Kinect manufacturing costs to $150

Microsoft Kinect: $70 to Make - Still No Sell Price

Why we care: Microsoft hasn't given a price point for the Kinect or a bundle price if you buy it with the new Xbox 360.

"There's an arcade version of the New Xbox 360 for $199."

Attributed to: An internal marketing Q&A at Microsoft

Source: Microsoft Confirms Kinect Bundles, New $199 Xbox 360

Why we care: If the Kinect really is $150, a cheaper arcade version of the new 360 might be the way to go to save money on the upgrade.

"There's no Red Ring of Death on the New 360 for two reasons: one, it lacks red lights and two, it turns itself off before it fails."

Attributed to: Giant Robot on NeoGAF

Source: 360 Slim - $299. 250GB, built in Wifi. Available later this week. - Page 48

Why we care: Even if it's just a semantics argument (a brick is still a brick), an end to the red ring of death is much appreciated.

"Twisted Metal won't do Move."

Attributed to: Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe

Source: His Twitter account

Why we care: It seems to us like a lot of Sony's most highly-anticipated titles are shying away from Move support. Jaffe is kind enough to tell us why that might be the case.

"Final Fantasy XIV might do Move."

Attributed to: Hiromichi Tanaka, senior vice president of software development at Square Enix

Source: E3 Interview: Final Fantasy XIV

Why we care: An MMO with Move support? The concept is strange enough to attract attention.

"Ninja Theory wanted to do Heavenly Sword 2."

Attributed to: Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades

Source: 'We would've done Heavenly Sword 2' - Ninja Theory

Why we care: Because whatever else Enslaved is, it's not Heavenly Sword 2. Also, it's not a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

"David Jaffe is circumcised."

Source: G4, but they're probably not going to post that.

Why we care: We don't, really.

"Telltales Jurassic Park games will be more 'serious.'"

Attributed to: Telltale design director Dave Grossman

Source: Telltale's Jurassic Park games to be 'cinematically much more serious'

Why we care: Given that the first games were on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Master System, it's probably not that hard to out-serious the cinematics. We're still excited for the game, though.

"DC Universe Online gets $15 monthly subscription fee."

Attributed to: Sony Online Entertainment's Scott Gulbransen

Source: Sony Online Entertainment Confirm $14.99 Subscription Fee For DC Universe Online, Reiterate PlayStation 3 Launch

Why we care: Because they weren't ready to tell us the price last month and that made it interesting. Now our curiosity is satisfied.

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