iPhone 4 Lines: The View From the Queue

From London, Paris, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, the lines forming outside Apple stores have been impressive. Here is a look.

The Apple Faithful Line Up for the iPhone 4

The lines are snaking from the front doors of Apple Stores around the world. The Apple faithful have amassed, again, in hopes to be one of the lucky million to own an iPhone 4 the day it goes on sale.

Paris Pandemonium

No, this is not the storming of the Bastille, but people outside of the Louvre waiting to get into the Apple Store in the museum's basement. Shot by Anthony A., @Kanthos on Twitter.

Paris, Tranquille

Inside the Louvre, Jordan Downey captured this shot of the line a few hours later. Everyone appears noticeably calmer now that the doors are open.


Griffin Technology's Dave Delaney captured this great panoramic shot outside the Apple Store in Nashville. Looks like Delaney was handing out free Griffin Technology shoulder bags.


Macworld Associate Editor David Chartier snapped this pic in Chicago around 8:30 Wednesday night. About 30 dedicated iPhone 4 fans braved a thunderstorm and tornado warning to line up. Umbrellas were provided courtesy of the Apple Store.

New York City

New York-based photographer Garrett Lubertine uploaded this shot to twitpic. He took it almost 400 yards from the Apple Store's entrance at 59th Street and 5th Avenue.


No signs of English reserve about the iPhone. This line at a London Apple store was snapped by a self-described semi-pro trapeze artist named Michael, @Soarus on Twitter No word on whether he hung from a trapeze to shoot it.

Las Vegas

Vegas Bill says that more than 200 people were lined up outside of the Caesar's Palace Apple Store in Las Vegas around 6 a.m. local time. By 6:30, it was 300.


Louis R. snapped this photo outside of the Apple Store about 30 minutes outside of Cleveland. Louis was into his fourth hour of waiting for his iPhone 4 and guessed he wouldn't get into the store for at least another hour.

San Francisco Entrepreneur

University of Michigan student Chris offered use of his tent outside the San Francisco Apple Store on a room rental Web site. Chris hoped that a fan would pay enough to be first in line that it would cover the upfront costs for Chris's iPhone 4.

San Francisco Success

Looks like things worked out for Chris. Here's his happy tenant, posing for PC World's camera. His $400 is enough to cover the $299 cost of a 32GB iPhone 4 plus Chris's first monthly bill from AT&T.

San Francisco Refreshments

San Francisco Apple Store employees handed out free coffee and donuts to customers in the reservation line. Fans in the walk-in line were to get leftovers once all reservation customers had been served, PCWorld's Alex Wawro reports.

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