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I watch too much TV. Let me clarify: I don’t mean lying on the couch and flipping through endless channels of reality shows and infomercials. Rather, I have a lot of particular series that I follow with what is probably an unhealthy amount of zeal. So many so that, in order to keep track of them, I really need to rely on Matt Comi’s TV Forecast.

TV Forecast is to my viewing habits what TV Guide probably was to most of us growing up. But instead of simply providing you with a firehose of everything that's on every channel, I can instead maintain a personalized list of shows that I follow.

When I launch the app, it shows me a list of upcoming episodes, along with the air date and, optionally, a summary of the episode. You can also bookmark episodes to remind yourself where you left off in a show, if you fall behind.

For those of us who have become divorced from actual air dates, thanks to the magic of online streaming services and DVRs, TV Forecast can remind us to check out what Tyrion and the Starks have been up to, or to tune in for Don Draper’s latest stroke of genius. And if you do still tune in live, TV Forecast can give you a gentle reminder before, at, or shortly after episodes air.

Thanks to iCloud, the iPhone and iPad versions of the app sync nicely, so that you don’t have to remember to add that new show you’ve been following in multiple places. Sadly, the OS X Dashboard widget—which was the first incarnation of the app that I fell in love with—still doesn’t sync with the others.

Though the $1 iPhone and $2 iPad versions share most of the same features, each sports a few unique ones as well. For example, select an episode on the iPhone and rotate to landscape and you’ll get a countdown clock to that episode’s airing. The iPad version, meanwhile, also has a calendar view—tap on any day, and you’ll even get a timeline view, showing when your shows air.

The countdown mode of the iPhone app can lend a sense of urgency to your viewing habits.

Casual TV watchers, TV Forecast is probably not for you. But if you can’t stand missing a single episode of Justified or Parks and Recreation, then TV Forecast is probably going to be an indispensable part of your television-watching routine.

Developer: Big Bucket Software
Platforms: iPhone, iPad, OS X
Price: iPhone, $1; iPad, $2; OS X, free

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