Find out how many of your Twitter followers are fake with this web app

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Twitter now has over half a billion registered accounts, and, as is the case with Facebook, it's probably safe to assume that a good number of those are fake.  But have you ever stopped to wonder just how many of your followers may be bogus? If you're curious enough, you can now find out thanks to a neat new Web app from social media company Status People.

Once connected and authorized to access your Twitter account, the Fake Follower Check will scan through your followers and figure out which accounts are spammers and bots. Once the Web app has done its work, your results get broken down into three categories, with followers classed as either “fake”, “inactive”, or “good”.

Sadly, beyond offering up these basic stats and getting a feel for what percentage of your Twitter following is genuine versus fake, the app doesn’t provide a way to act upon your potentially phony followers. Many Twitter Web apps offer up a way to unfollow accounts, and it would be nice to see an easy way to unfollow any dummy accounts found via Status People’s Fake Follower Check tool.

We gave the app a try for our account, along with a few others. Take a look:

Want to give it a try for yourself? Head on over to the Fake Follower Check and have fun!

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