Geneboy Reloaded is the portable Sega Genesis you can actually buy

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[Credit: Chris Downing]

Where are your retro consoles and games today? If you’re like me, your collection of video game nostalgia is packed away in their original boxes, never to be played again. But unlike me, Chris Downing is the kind of person who tinkers around with his stuff to make something awesome, like this portable Sega Genesis he calls the Geneboy Reloaded.

The first time we saw the Geneboy, it was a kit-bash of multiple vintage consoles that we could only admire from afar. This second iteration, though, is a super refined version you could actually buy.

Downing made a new vacuum-formed shell for his new and improved Geneboy Reloaded out of exactly two solid plastic parts, sort of like your unibody laptop. The system’s innards also got reworked with six buttons from a third-party genesis controller, the D-pad from an old GameCube controller, and a 3.5-inch screen with a screen protector made from Plexiglass.

The system is still running with an original—albeit trimmed down—Sega Genesis 3 board, so it will play all your original Sega Genesis cartridges. You can check out the full build of the Geneboy Reloaded on the Made by Bacteria forums.

Downing is selling the Geneboy Reloaded for $225, and he plans to put the money he makes from it toward buying a CNC router/engraver that will allow him make more and better creations.

What consoles would you want made portable? Leave a comment.

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