This iPhone case doubles as a heart rate monitor for pets

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[Credit: AliveCor]

If you own a pet, you know all about the hardships of taking it to the vet. A routine shot can be bravely managed by both sides, but some cases require more tests. One of the hardest tests to perform on an awake pet is the ECG, which includes multiple electrodes, shaving, and general discomfort for the pet.

A new iPhone 4/4S case from AliveCor could help: It doubles as a heart rate monitor for pets such as dogs, cats, and horses, and creates ECG (electrocardiogram) strips that you can view on the iPhone or share with colleagues or your vet.

Currently only available in the US, the new AliveCor iPhone case costs $199, but according to AliveCor, you can easily use it to generate ECGs from a variety of pets in any setting. All you have to do is apply some alcohol or gel to both the pet and the built-in electrodes on the case, and the free AliveECG Vet app does the rest. Once the ECG is ready, it's automatically uploaded to AliveCor's ECG Hub so you can view it from anywhere.

The case's significance goes far beyond its ability to snap on an iPhone. While the $199 price tag seems a bit high at first glance, it can potentially save pet owners considerable money, time and effort, by letting them conduct this routine test without having to drag their pet to the vet's clinic. You can send the resulting ECG to your vet via email, or print or save it for future reference.

This isn't the first time AliveCor's been in the news: In January, MDDI noted how AliveCor co-founder David Albert, MD used it to diagnose a man with a heart attack while aboard a flight. The case has yet to be approved by the FDA for use on humans, as Cult of Mac points out, but it has been clinically tested on dogs, cats and horses. In the meantime, the AliveCor team says that it's looking at ways to bring the ECG case to other mobile devices.

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