DIY Lego go-kart carries people around, makes driving fun again

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[Credit: Eric Steenstra]

Lego seems to be the toy of choice for geeks, thanks in large part to its flexibility. (Who didn’t build a massive Lego space station with their neighbor? Maybe that’s just me.) Some Lego projects are more ambitious and creative than others, just like this Lego go-kart found by a MAKE reader.

The huge Lego car by Eric Steenstra works like one of those battery-powered kiddie cars, except that it’s made entirely out of Lego bricks. It’s controlled by a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit and 48 motors, and in its current incarnation, it can cart around a person weighing up to 88 pounds. Not bad for a bunch of plastic bricks.

Sadly, Eric doesn’t say how many bricks it took to build the go-kart, but feel free to hazard a guess in the comments. The lack of a brick count could be because the project isn’t quite done yet—Eric has a few adjustments he wants to make.

Eric plans to adjust the size of the wheels, and change the motors to add some horsepower. Eric’s goal is to make it so the go-kart can carry twice the load it can now. That’ll mean big kids can play too.

Check out Eric’s YouTube videos for updates on the project, or his special image gallery for detailed photos of this epic Lego creation. It’s unlikely that Eric will sell his creation, so you’ll just have to try and make your own—or hope that Lego decides to sell a go-kart kit.

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