5 Cool Unity games that Windows Phone 8 needs

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Windows Phones receive plenty of great reviews and users are increasingly adopting the new platform, but there’s a problem with the OS and that problem is apps. As in, there aren’t nearly enough of them. Android and iOS probably launched more apps this morning than Microsoft’s entire catalog. While this is likely to improve with the release of Windows 8, the current list of choices can be anemic, particularly on the gaming front.

However, the good news is that there are tons of platform-agnostic games available right now. A standout option is Unity, a middleware that makes it easier to release a game on multiple platforms. Here are five very cool Unity games that should be released on Windows Phone pronto.


Turn-based combat games are a dime a dozen on mobiles, and usually have as much real action as backgammon. Battleheart adds serious life to the genre in a couple different ways. First, the cartoon animation is top-notch, especially for mobile phones. Second, the fighting is less like a board game and more like Final Fantasy, rich with action sequences and arcade overtones. This meaty action/strategy title is great on the go and would do well on Windows Phones.


Platformers usually don’t work well on smartphones because touchscreens make for sloppy play. Not so with Cordy, a smart run-and-jump game that was obviously designed with mobile gamers in mind. The visuals rival console games and the excellent level design rivals Sonic the Hedgehog (the classic Sega title launched with Windows Phones). Already a critically-acclaimed game on iOS, Cordy has enough pull, and a big enough fan base, to make a name for itself with Windows Phone owners.

Battle Bears

Microsoft pretty much has first-person shooters covered with Halo, Halo, and, ahem, Halo, but you’d be hard pressed to think of other Microsoft-branded First Person Shooters that have as much clout (perhaps Gears of War). Battle Bears, which combines the sadistic pleasure of destroying teddy bears with the strategy and firepower of a serious shooter, already has a serious following on iOS and Android devices. The first game is still going strong, and with the release of follow-ups Battle Bears Royale and Battle Bears: Zombies, Microsoft could very well have another FPS franchise on its hands.

Snuggle Truck

Tilting your smartphone is often a fun way to play a game, and Snuggle Truck is a hit because it puts that action into a pretty, and pretty addictive, package. The goal is to keep the passengers in the back of a truck as it drives over rough terrain. The result is you frantically trying not to overcorrect as mountains, valleys, and plateaus threaten the cute cargo. It’s not quite Tetris, but it is quite fun and Windows Phone could definitely use more titles like this.

Samurai II: Vengeance

If Quentin Tarantino traded making movies for making video games, then his first project would probably look like Samurai II: Vengeance. As gory as it is beautiful, the comic book-styled action-adventure features a lone swordsman slicing his way through a countryside Japanese village. The pace is intense and on par with some of the toughest old-school arcade games; playing earns you experience which can be used to purchase new moves and tricks. . Samurai II: Vengeance falls right into the adult gaming category—a genre Microsoft touted with its XBox 360 system and should continue to carry into its new mobile platform.

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