Bar robot automatically pours your cocktails, won’t call you a cab

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[Credit: Ian Cooper, Jake Osbourne]

Sometimes, it’s just nice to make a drink after work for you or your friends. The Inebriator by Ian Cooper and Jake Osbourne is a mini(ish) automatic cocktail bar that's powered by an Arduino microcontroller. It also has a small screen on the front panel that displays the different drinks it makes, and lets you choose which beverage you would like to try. A stepper motor moves your glass along a conveyer-like “drinks shelf”, so the correct mixer is added at the right time.

Mixers are stored in a cool box behind the bar. Each bottle has two pipes coming out of it: one for the gas tank, and the other to a valve. When the gas tank opens, the pressure in the bottles increases some. Once the valve gets 12 volts of power applied to it, that pressure makes liquid flow through the pipe and into your glass An extra sensor detects when your glass is present at the bar, so The Inebriator won't dispense libations onto the floor and leave you with a mess to clean up later.

The Inebriator uses RFID sensors so only certain people can operate the machine. These select few possess an RFID token so they can get full control of the bar bot. You know, because you wouldn’t want someone you don't know accessing your alcohol, would you?

In case you were wondering, The Inebriator can make 15 different cocktails, from your regular cosmo to a curious concoction known as “The Inebriator”— and no, it’s a mystery what’s in it, other than “awesomeness”.

You won't be able to make one of your own anytime soon, though: Its creators haven't posted instructions, and don’t quite have plans just yet to sell it. A new version is on the way, though, and it might one day be commercially available.

If you had the power of The Inebriator, what kind of cocktail would you create? Let us know in the comments below. And remember to drink (and hack) responsibly.

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