iPhone 4 "Reception Problems" Due to Bad Math

Whoops! So it turns out the big iPhone 4 "death grip" hooplah was just an arithmetic error. Amazing this slipped by in testing, but at least it's quite a relief for Apple and over a million customers that a massive recall won't be required. It's pretty funny how big of a deal everyone made this out to be though. Since I got my iPhone 4, anyone that has spotted it says something along the lines of the following two things almost without fail: "Oooh the screen is beautiful!" and "So does it drop calls like crazy, or what?"

For the record, I have never experienced the bar dropping phenomenon and call quality and reception is far better than on my 3G (though AT&T has always left something to be desired in that area). I am liking these "Letters from Apple" lately though. Sure they're glorified press releases, but they give it that personal, Appley touch. Kind of like how Apple Store employees handed out ice cream and water to line-goers on the 24th.

So anyway, surely this means we can stop seeing the ever-sensationalizing media complain about the iPhone 4 right? Apple said it themselves, if you don't like it, send it back.

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