Celebrate a Month of World Cup Soccer With a Flash Drive

An estimated one billion of us will be watching the FIFA World Cup soccer final come Sunday. In a nod to the sport that's captivated the world for the past month with its athlethes' fancy footwork and goal-scoring head shots, its referees' bad calls, and its rabid audience's ear-splitting, vuvuzela-fueled enthusiasm, take a look at the T001 Soccer Jersey USB flash drives from Adata.

The durable, rubberized drives feature the national flag of represented countries, and pack in 4GB of flash for about $15. Each drive has a loop for a lanyard. Like the Star Wars flash drives from Mimoco, Adata supplies a bevy of entertaining wallpapers starring these little guys.

Ironically, even though Adata has many football (er, soccer for U.S. readers) powerhouses represented--including Argentina, Brazil, and Germany--neither Spain nor the Netherlands, the two teams duking it out this weekend, are in the mix. Other countries available now: Italy, Korea, Mexico, and the United States. Maybe after this weekend, Adata will need to expand its lineup to include the new winner, too.

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