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Welcome to TechHive, the new website from the same team that brings you PCWorld and Macworld.

We’ve devoted our lives to writing about technology, not only PCs and Macs but phones, tablets, mobile apps, ereaders, streaming video players, digital cameras, websites, and whatever the next big product category will be. We do it because we love it. We love playing with the latest tech inventions and we love sharing those experiences with you.

Macworld and PCWorld—both of which also receive major website upgrades today—do a great job serving their respective audiences, thoroughly covering the Apple and PC/Windows ecosystems, and will continue to do so. (You may see some TechHive-related items showing up in Macworld and PCWorld’s print magazines, but we don’t have any plans to launch a print version of TechHive.)

TechHive is all about technologies that don’t fit as neatly into the Mac and PC worlds. Here we’ll cover smartphones and tablets, digital photography, the web and social media, gadgets and games, and digital entertainment services from Spotify to Netflix.

More importantly, TechHive is about how technology fits into our lives. We don’t want to write about technology just for its own sake. We want to write about the stuff that matters. We know you love technology and love how it can add to your life. We want to help you choose the right tech products, so that you won’t regret a purchase, and show you how to put those products to work for you.

And of course, we want to write about what’s coming next. The story of technology is the story of the future being written right before our eyes. Just in the past ten years, tech advances have changed how we live our lives and interact with each other, in person and on the Internet. There’s no story I would rather write about, and the same is true for the rest of our team.

This new site is running on a brand-new design created with the smart people at Mule Design and implemented on a new custom content-management system that’s serving all three of our websites. There will be bugs! If you spot some, please send a note to bugreport@techhive.com.

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