Coming soon: A giant Lego NES controller that actually works

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Yes, you read that right. Someone is actually fashioning a giant, fully-functional NES controller out of Lego bricks, electronic parts, and a whole lot of moxy. Why? I don't know, but do his reasons really matter? Does the end not justify the means?

The controller is the creation of Julius Alexander "The Baron" von Brunk, and it's his most ambitious creation to date. The whole thing measures 60 inches across, and when all is said and done, The Baron hopes to have a fully-functioning game controller.

It's not the first time The Baron has composed awesome out of a bunch of Lego pieces, though. Previously, The Baron drew considerable attention from the media for his Transformer/portable gaming console mash-ups, mash-ups that include this wicked-looking Sego Game Gear Decepticon.

As impressive as all of his past accomplishments were, the gargantuan NES controller is probably going to trump them all. In his latest progress update, Baron von Brunk explained:

"The foundation is constructed of several baseplates attached together, which goes to almost 5 feet in width across the folding table. The total height of the chassis should be about 7 inches tall, and about now it's 2-3 inches. The controller is made almost perfectly to scale of a real NES controller, give or take a few centimeters or so due to LEGO brick sizes. The placement of the buttons in relativity to one another is on the same size/aspect ratio of a real controller!

"I also recently picked up the wiring equipment from Radio Shack, and I'm awaiting a USB NES controller to arrive in the mail. Naturally I'll take out the innards of the controller, then wire some momentary pushbuttons underneath the large A, B, Start, Select, & D-Pad components. Using Technic shock absorbers, the large buttons retract smoothly, and will make contact to the pushbuttons when touched."

Head on over to The Baron's Tumblr for regular updates and lots of photos of his progress so far.

There's one tiny, possible concern, though: Baron Von Brunk hasn't soldered anything since 11th grade metal shop.

Good luck, sir.

[Photo and source: Baron von Brunk]

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