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Tech super-editor Dan Moren is at our San Francisco offices instead of his usual Boston desk, for some little announcement from Apple. But really, he's here to tell use what the word "diaspora" means, and how it relates to Battlestar Galactica. We also chat about the digital vs. documentary Side by Side, the frustrating Super Hexagon, and the merits of pie vs. cake. Also, did you know audio books are pretty great? Alex didn't, but now he does. He's growing up, our little Alex.

Links from this week's episode:

  • Alex's first audio book is The City and The City, by China Mieville. He digs it.
  • You have to check out the beautiful pixel-art masterpiece WonderPutt.
  • It's like the old X-Wing or TIE Fighter games, but in the Battlestar Galacta universe. And it's free! Check out Diaspora.
  • Speaking of space games, Wing Commander and Freelancer head Chris Roberts is teasing a new space game at Roberts Space Industries.
  • You'll never laugh this hard about sock puppets reviewing video games. Sifl & Olly returns to the web! "If fire gets bigger, is that because it's mad, or something"
  • If you like really hard games, you'll like Super Hexagon. At least the chiptune soundtrack is cool.
  • Carlos finally started playing 10,000,000, which is really fantastic.
  • The indie documentary Side by Side explores the transition from film to digital. Sadly, it's only available to rent, not buy.

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