This homemade game-controller gun shoots only virtual bullets

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[Credit: Harbingerx81/Reddit]

Ever wanted to make gaming that little bit more authentic beyond the confines of your typical home console controller? Avid Call of Duty player Harbingerx81 took matters into their own hands with a custom gun controller that's designed to enhance the game-playing experience.

The Reddit user behind the DIY controller, dubbed GameGun 2.0, explained that the motivation for this project was to make the gun-toting experience of Call of Duty “as natural as possible”. To achieve this, Harbingerx81's controller uses a gyroscope and accelerometer that can detect movement across three axises. The end product is a controller that moves the gun in-game with your motions in the real world.

The unique hack crams the innards of an Xbox 360 controller into an Airsoft gun, with buttons and triggers placed around the outside of the gun. The Airsoft gun casing also plays home to a 2000mAH lithium polymer battery, a charger, and an Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller that processes data from the gyroscope as needed. When fully charged, the controller gives you up to four hours of gameplay, according to Harbingerx81.

If that wasn’t enough, this hack also comes with an LCD screen that shows the in-game action. Harbingerx81 hopes to eventually mount the 10-inch screen to the gun to create an all-in-one controller-screen hybrid device.

Of course, although designed with Call of Duty in mind, this one-of-a-kind controller will work with most Xbox 360 titles. However, you may look a little odd waving a gun at your screen whilst playing Viva Piñata.

Sadly, this hack doesn’t come cheap, with the hacker estimating the cost of all required components at around $600.

If you want to learn more about the GameGun 2.0, seeHarbingerx81's thread on Reddit and photo gallery.

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