ioSafe turns to crowdfunding for disaster-proof private cloud project

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ioSafe—an established vendor of disaster-proof storage—is turning to crowdfunding to raise capital for its next project. Earlier this week, ioSafe kicked off a fundraising effort on Indiegogo to finance a new disaster-proof private cloud.

You’re probably familiar with ioSafe. The vendor of disaster-proof storage has become a fixture of the annual CES conference with over the top demonstrations of the survivability of its drives. It has submerged drives in pools, baked them to a crisp in fires, driven over them with massive trucks, and blown them away with shotguns. This year it zapped them with lightning. In every instance, the data remained safe and sound within the disaster-proof enclosure.

ioSafe logo
ioSafe is using crowdfunding to
raise money for its next project.

Now, ioSafe has its sights set on taking its background in disaster-proof storage and migrating it to the cloud. The vision is to raise $150,000 to develop a fireproof, waterproof storage unit that will bolt to the floor and safely store terabytes of data. That part seems relatively par for the course for ioSafe, but this product will include the ability to securely access it over the Internet from a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

As we’ve come to expect from ioSafe, the specs and resilience of the new unit are impressive. It will have a storage capacity up to 8TB—two 4TB drives in a hot-swappable RAID1 configuration. ioSafe claims it can withstand temperatures as high as 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes. It can also survive being submerged in up to 10 feet of water for three days.

It may seem odd for an established player in the industry to turn to crowdfunding to finance a project. ioSafe is a respected name in storage, and one might think it should be able to invest its own capital in the new project.

ioSafe founder Robb Moore explains on the Indiegogo page, “We've developed awesome technology that combines computers with safes. We do outrageous demos to get attention. We build hard-core storage products and protect our customers with unprecedented support. Despite all our successes, the fact of the matter is we’re a small 20-person company up against billion-dollar competitors – we’re a modern-day ‘David versus Goliath’.”

The plan is to have the product on the street by January. Moore stresses in the Indiegogo plea that the show will go on whether the Indiegogo goal is met or not. But, those who contribute to the cause will receive perks commensurate with the amount contributed, and will be first in line when the new ioSafe product is ready to go.

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