Play video games with a wooden keyboard (and other things we didn't cover)

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It is inevitable that a few things are going to slip through the cracks as GeekTech attempts to cover everything geeky on the Internet. On top of that, the fall video game season is officially upon us (and I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 nonstop since it launched), so it’s nearly impossible to cover all the news in a given week. So prepare yourself for a video game themed edition of GeekBytes for September 20, 2012.

Humble Indie Bundle 6 [Humble Bundle]

Once every few months, the gods of the indie gaming world grace us with a spectacular collection of games for a ridiculous price. Humble Indie Bundle 6 is the most recent of these collections, and it's arguably the best offering yet. Notable highlights of the package include Dustforce, a game about janitors saving the world, and Torchlight, the action RPG with a brand new sequel.

Life-sized interactive Minecraft block [YouTube]

Have you ever been mining away in a session of Minecraft and thought, “You know what, I could totally see myself doing this with a real pick in real life”? If so, you may want to see a professional about that. In any case, Ben Purdy brought his “real life Minecraft project” to the XOXO Indie Arcade in Portland, Oregon, and the results are something to behold. [via Ben Purdy]

2D video game sprites transformed into 3D Objects [Shapeways]

The possibilities of 3D printing are proving to be nearly limitless, as evidenced by Hack a Day’s discovery of 3D objects printed from 2D sprites. Without going into much detail, the original pixelated image is remodeled using voxels, which any avid Minecraft fan should be familiar with. Mikolalysenko created a tutorial the describes the entire process, built a shape carving editor that works in a browser, and even put up some of his work for sale on Shapeways. If you ever wanted a voxelated Koopa shell, now is the time to strike. [via Hack a Day ]

Orée Board: The wooden, wireless keyboard [Oree]

In yet another case of “why does this exist?”, a French design group called Orée has put on sale a wireless, portable keyboard “made of premium maple wood.” If while playing some of the more challenging games in the Humble Indie Bundle 6 you have a sudden urge to saw your keyboard in half, the Orée Board might be a product worth purchasing. The wooden keyboard costs 125 euros (about $160 US). [via Likecool]

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