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Our first themed episode is all about Borderlands 2, which we're having a great time with, and all the post-apocolyptic treasure-hunting movies and media that seemed to inspire it. From Mad Max to Three Kings, there are lots of great stories to tell in a barren wasteland. And a lot of great loot to pick up.

Links from this week's episode:

  • If you like the humor in Borderlands 2, watch the series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'. But don't play Bulletstorm, which isn't nearly as amusing.
  • The most obvious influence on Borderlands are the Mad Max movies. You can buy them online: Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome.
  • Alex wants you to watch The Book of Eli, which he loves.
  • You can watch the MST3K guys make fun of a terrible Mad Max-like ripoff in Warrior of the Lost World.
  • What could be more like Borderlands than three guys with guns looking for a vault in the desert? Three Kings is that movie, but it's really quite a serious, and excellent, movie.
  • One of the first barren-wasteland games was, of course, Wasteland. A successful Kickstarter campaign means we'll get a proper sequel after many years.
  • You have a special mission! Download iAmBeatBox, Figure, or another easy music-making app, and send us a link (no files, please) to your creation. Just mail us with the subject "Play This podcast", and mention the app you used. We'll feature the best ones on the air in a couple weeks.

Got something you want us to talk about, check out, or a guest you want us to try to book? Send us mail at with the subject: Play This! podcast.

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